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People often find themselves in positions whereby they’ll need to consider the size of their new apartment when selecting a home refrigerator. You might also be thinking of how to get a cooling device in your office, RV, truck, and other indoor and outdoor functions. Well, your answer is the retro mini fridges.

In the past years, there were only large refrigerators stationed at a fixed area.

There are times whereby there won’t be enough space for a large refrigerator. You might be living in a small dorm, or apartment, or just camping in an RV where a giant refrigerator won’t just fit. If you’re using your car as a temporary cooling zone or spending a lot on takeout, it is the right time to think of investing in a mini-fridge.

Mini fridges are very useful when it comes to eating and drinking. From cooling wine to keeping leftovers fresh at the right temperature, these little fridges can be as powerful as the large ones.

Although, buying a mini freezer can be as challenging as buying a large model. So, before spending on these mini freezers, here are a few things you might want to consider.


If you’re looking to spend a lot of cash on these mini freezers, don’t forget to check if it has a warranty. Warranties are very useful when it comes to appliances. This is because they can malfunction anytime without notice. Some of the mini fridges do not have any warranty; therefore you should consider the amount of money that’ll go to replacements and repairs if it doesn’t have one.

Fridge capacity

A mini fridge should be able to meet all your dining needs. It is also quite useful if the model has shelves and compartment so that you won’t run out of the room for frozen bites, produce, or drinks. Also, some mini fridges are made explicitly for alcohol, in case you need to host a beer tasting social or a wine night.


When you’re making decisions about your perfect mini fridge, you should consider the fridge power. Batteries can power some while some run exclusively on electricity. You should check for extra outlets, and batteries on hand, it can your fridge stops working and is to be moved to another area.number is the operational noise level of your dishwasher. Most models in the quieter range have the rating below 60 dBA and go way down into 40s. The quietest range starts below 40 and tends to add to the overall cost of the dishwasher. Some stainless steel tubs feature extra insulation to boost sound proofing properties.


Make sure you chose the right weight and dimension that will easily complement your existing and future furniture set up. You probably don’t want a mini freezer that will be too big tongi6 your bedroom, garage, or kitchen. Are you looking for a cold space to keep your little heaps of drinks or food? Whether you need to keep your lunch fresh in the office, or you’re running off to the university, a mini freezer is the correct refrigeration solution. The pint-sized refrigerators are not only useful when it comes to having a personal space for food in shared accommodations, but they make a perfect accessory from your bedroom. They are also very handy to have on movie nights. Before you buy any of these mini freezers, make sure you consider the type and size that are most suitable for your place. Thermoelectric fridges are only useful for non-perishable goods and chilling drinks, while compressor fridge is essential when it comes to perishable products like dairy and meat. The cube is one of the popular choices of the mini fridge just because it has an intelligent design that allows you to fit a lot of things inside. It tends to have an interior space of up 59 liters and a weight of about 14kg, which makes it easily portable. The small size also helped to reduce cost. A mid-size mini fridge is quite more significant than the cute with a height of 26in and an average interior capacity of 2.6 cubic feet. The size is the best fit when it comes to offices and bedrooms. The under-the-counter fridge is the biggest of them all. They are usually always the most energy efficient, but they also cost more.

Review of the Top Retro Mini Fridges

Black + Decker BCRK25B Retro Mini Fridge

This mini freezer has all the features that many others have in a deficit of another in one place. You don’t have to choose or pick between adjustable temperature control and free space.

The Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator is equipped with both features. It also has up to two glass shelves and door shelves, with a reversible door and an ice cube tray. This gives it a chance to stay comfortably at almost anywhere. It also has a flat back, which allows you the ability to push the freezer you to a wall, with little legs that help to stabilize the fridge.

All these features are jammed in 2.5 cubic feet, and it’s just a little over two feet, making it easy to be tucked beneath a desk. Energy Star also certifies it.

Danby DCR044A2 Retro Mini Fridge

The Danby Designer DCR044A2 is entirely too much to be placed in small office spaces and little kitchens but is still quite small, and it offers another feature for a mini freezer.

This includes eight can holder, superior adjustable shelving, and a little freezer. The area of the fridge runs its full width. It is not a little tucked in afterthought. It has a slide out tray under the freezer area and an egg tray at the built into the door. This mini freezer has all the usefulness of a full-sized fridge in a smaller size.

The freezer is best when you have lots of employees and people are trying to place their drinks and sandwiches in the same place. The Dandy Designer also offers up to a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, and it is up to 32 Inches high. It should be a perfect fit for large tables in case you want to keep it out of sights.

Midea WHD-113FB1 Retro Mini Fridge

Midea is a trendy and influential name when it comes to mini freezers; this one is little enough to fit any considerate space.

It has adjustable legs that help to accommodate squeezes and reversible double doors that help to set the mini fridge apart. It also has a perfect solution in case you have the ideal spot, and the door doesn’t open if you put it there, all you need to do is put it back on the other way.

Apart from its compact size, the Midea fridge also has a vegetable drawer and a freezer space. The temperature of the refrigerator and freezer are adjustable, and thus makes a perfect tool in case you need to refrigerate various things. It has an Energy Star rating. Therefore it won’t kill your office electric bill.

Haier HC27SW20RV Retro Mini Fridge

The model of Haier mini freezer comes with an adjustable thermostat, an ice cube tray, and a fridge. It is also unusually short, a little over 27 inches.

You can easily tuck it circumspectly under break room tables and most desks. It weighs about 42 pounds. Therefore, it is quite movable without enlisting am the list of your employer’s amortization just killing your back.

Their shelves are made of wire with full-width, and not heavy glass, so you won’t have to worry about holding the weight of your drinks because the door can take up to two-liter bottles. There are even rooms available for extra cans.

Magic Chef MCAR320B2 Retro Mini Fridge

When it comes to simplicity, the Magic Chef takes all, although it is not quite smaller at about 3.2 cubic feet and 33 inches high.

It is a good title for offices that want the basics: a fridge that helps to keep your pieces of stuff cool without a freezer that takes up the interior space. You won’t need to spend more on models that have features you don’t need and might not even use except for occasions.

This does not mean that the Magic Chef doesn’t have its disadvantages. This particular model has a reversible door, and it sits against the wall – there’s nothing in the back that makes it use a lot more space on your floor than necessary.

Chefman RJ48-Black-CA Retro Mini Fridge

When it comes to Portability, the Chefman’s Compact Personal Fridge is extremely popular. Apart from the fact that the freezer can easily be tucked in an office corner, it does not even require a floor small – it’s that small.

It’s just like a desktop model. Even with the small space, it can still hold up to 12 cans of beer with a removable shelf that gives you the chance to tuck something more substantial in there too.

When it comes to versatility, the freezer is one of the best. It can help to cool what you place inside easily and also warm leftovers. You only need to press the appropriate switch to make it work. It also does not use Freon, which makes it more appealing to some buyers.

Cooluli CMF4LB Retro Mini Fridge

Cooluli’s Electric Warmer and cooler also extend to keeping warm or warming up whatever you put inside it. Therefore, the next time you need somewhere to put your hot burger when you’re coming from lunch, pop it in the freezer – after changing the controls to warm, of course.

The reason we like this one is its adaptability – literally. You can even power it quickly with an AC/DC adapter or a 2A power bank.  A USB cord is also included. It is also particularly compact, up to 10 inches high. You don’t have to Crack your brain to figure the place you’re going to squeeze it in.

EdgeStar BWC120SSLT Retro Mini Fridge

Are you actually in search of a practical cooling device to keep your beverage cans cool for a very long time, consider the EdgeStar Beverage Holder. Although this freezer does not have any space for food, it has a space for up to five 750ml bottles and 103 12-ounce cans. Although it is designed for a primary purpose, it is not tiny. It is still up to three feet high.

The door of the portable mini fridge is made of glass which allows you to see the contents of your fridge easily. And, of course, there is nothing that’ll stop you from putting things aside from beverages inside. It has a removable chrome shelf. It also has a high power compressor unit that keeps all your kinds of stuff cold. And if there’s a soda thief in your office, you can relax now. This is because the EdgeStar Beverage Holder comes with a locker.

You can’t ignore the charm of a retro mini fridge even if you have a modern and contemporary home. It helps to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and also ensure that you enjoy the functional features. It’s just like killing two birds with one stone. A retro mini fridge will also help to add style and flair to the décor of your home. Invariably, the fridge ends up a collectible, but you can also use it like any other freezer to preserve and frosty, beverages, drinks, and food items – just about all things that you don’t want in your conventional fridge.

Although there are several mini refrigerators in the market, some has stood out as due to their features, quality, and looks. It is essential to have the right price to suit a person’s budget. So, if you’re looking for the best retro freezer in 2019, here are some retro mini freezers that you should check before making a purchase decision.

Igloo FR176-RED Retro Mini Fridge

The scintillating Rex color of the igloo retro compact freezer with definitely adds panache and flair to your décor. The sight of this 1.6 cu feet retro freezer will revitalize and energize you. Moreover, its several useful features also add to its overall appeal. This retro freezer also comes with a bottle opener located at the side, which makes it a perfect compact retro fridge, for a garage, covered front porch, or a man cave. The door of the freezer also has a door basket that can house up to two-liter bottles easily.

With dimensions of 17 x 19 x 19 inches, this retro mini fridge won’t take up a lot of space.  It equipped with a stainless steel door handle that allowed it to open quickly; the door is also reversible, and CNN therefor be changed for right or left-handed users. The shelves also slide out for easy maintenance and access.  The freezer is CFC-free, and it also comes with compressor cooling. A fridge and an adjustable thermostat are available in the refrigerator to customize the cooling.

In case you’re not a fan of the red color retro fridge, you can easily opt in for the blue variant that has almost all the dimensions and features.

Most customers find this retro refrigerator very quaint and charming. Most of the customer has also stated that apart from liking the appearance of the fridge, they also loved the way it functions. A customer reported that the hum of the freezer was appealing to him and he finds it very comforting, especially at night when it helped to fall asleep.

Nostalgia RRF300SDBCOKE Retro Mini Fridge

This is a Coca Cola mini fridge that allows your trip down the memory lane. It has a 3.2 ft compact refrigerator with two glass shelves; a user can use dispenser and a bottle basket that can take up to two-liter bottles. The glass shelves are produced from tempered glass which allows it to slide for maintenance and easy access easily. The distinctive color of the red exterior gives it more appeal, and a classical Coca Cola design makes it a must-have for all fans and beverage users.

The Nostalgic Coca Cola Mini Fridge has a dimension of 19 inches × 18 inches × 31 inches, which makes it a perfect tool for storing drinks and food in places with limited space. It has an adjustable thermostat and a bottle opener on the outer side panel of the fridge.  Some has found this mini freezer redundant; it is quite a handy tool if you intend to use it for old fashion soda Bottles that teens seem to like nowadays.

If you’re looking for a smaller capacity mini freezer, you can easily opt in for the 1.7 cu ft CRF170COKE model retro mini fridge which had almost the same features, including the two leveling legs. The only main difference between this retro mini fridge is the two shelves which are made from wire, but they are also coated for durability. The 1.7 cu ft CRF170COKE model has a dimension of 18.6 inches × 17.5 inches × 19.6 inches.

Some customers have found the Coca Cola design and the bright red color of the fridge very appealing. A close friend of mine exclusively stated that he likes how the freezer keeps food and drink cool without making any noise. Another customer was impressed with the constructing of the fridge. Most of the customers like this freezer because it can fit almost everywhere – on a table, in the kitchen, or even under the desk.

Daewoo FR-028RCNM Retro Mini Fridge

This is a special Mini Fridge from Daewoo that deserves to be on this list when it comes to appealing. It has a stunning mint color that is quite eye-catching, and exterior curves that are so dramatic that it reminds you of the days when household appliances were made with sophistication and elegance. The Daewoo compact retro freezer comes with an Energy Star rating, and it is very efficient. It has a bright LED interior lighting that allows you to see everything. This special retro mini freezer is also a frost-free refrigerator so you won’t need to defrost the fridge periodically, thereby saving effort and time.

It also has dials that allow you to control the settings of the fridge to suit your needs and a spacious sliding drawer at the bottom that allowed you to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. The compact retro refrigerator has a dimension of 21.6 inches × 19.2 inches × 28.3 inches which makes it perfect for man caves, offices, dorms, home theater rooms, nurseries, boats, RVs, covered porches, and game rooms. The fridge is also equipped with a functional and compact freezer where you can make ice blocks and cubes easily.

If you think this fridge is too small for your needs, you don’t have to worry. Daewoo has produced a great compact fridge with a capacity of up to 4.4 cu ft. The feature, appearance, and design are the same as the 2.8 Cu ft refrigerator.  The size is the only difference. The dimensions of this fridge are 22.8 inches × 19.2 inches × 36.1 inches.

The customers loved the retro look and the mews color and felt of the mini fridge. A customer said that the fridge works well on maximum cooling setting that anything placed on the first shelf ends up freezing. However, the customer pointed out that it did not bother them. Another customer also stated that the shelves made from glass are a winning feature for them. As you are getting introduced to this mini fridge, be impressed with the interior space in the fridge.

Koolatron CCR-12 Retro Mini Fridge

This retro mini fridge has a bright red and white graphics that symbolizes fun and warmth. Looking at the vintage design will make you nostalgic, making it a must-have for lovers of Coca-Cola collectibles and fans. Unlike some other compact refrigerators, this middle fridge uses thermoelectric technology to reduce the interior compartment. This mini freezer can easily chill food and drinks to court 36 deg Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature. It also comes along with a removable shelf that allows users to customize storage space to suit your needs.

The Coca Cola Red Retro Fridge has a dimension of 13.5 inches × 10.75 inches × 19.25 inches, which makes i5 a perfect compact refrigerator for a game room, RV, man cave, and a den. Its unique appearance complements its functionality. Once you start using the Coca-Cola CCR-12 Red Retro Fridge, you will realize that the look is just the beginning.  

Its energy efficiency has also impressed some customers. A customer once said also it uses thermoelectric technology instead of compressor cooling, and this didn’t affect the electricity bill and bills were stable despite using this freezer. Another person said the fridge cooled stuff very nicely but didn’t like the fan that ran outside instead of being inside. However, most of the reviews were, and people loved its ability to cool efficiently and its unique design.

Uber Appliance UB-XL1-SILVER Retro Mini Fridge

This is a unique mini fridge from Uber, the plan is, and the fridge Portability makes it an attractive compact retro refrigerator. It is a desktop mini fridge that can store up to 12 cans of nine litters. It applies thermoelectric technology to cool drinks. Its main selling point is that it can work as a warmer and also a mini cooler. It can efficiently cool drinks to 45 deg Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature and can also keep food warm to 150 deg Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature.

The Uber Chill is very portable and can be quickly taken on road trips; you can even plug it on your 12-Volt cigarette lighter. It has a stylish retro design that makes it a collector’s but with functional use as well. It does not use any refrigerant which makes it 100% eco-friendly. The retro mini freezer has a dimension of 11 inches × 11 inches × 12 inches; making it an ideal retro mini fridge for dorms, nurses, home offices, and countertops.  The self-locking hinge and the removal shelves make it outstanding.

Most of the customers that purchased this personal mini fridge can’t get enough of its cooling abilities. Other customers commented on its interior size which they say is perfect for storing, cooling, and preserving creamer. Another customer included that the sound of the retro mini freezer is not disturbing at all. He installed tell mini fridge in their cubicle, but his colleagues couldn’t hear the sound of the fridge. Most customers also liked the fact that it did not take up a lot of space.

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Black + Decker BCRK25B Retro Mini Fridge
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In Conclusion

Some of these are the best retro mini fridge will do if you’re looking for a fridge with a charming appearance and functionality. Take a closer look at these retro mini fridges as they’ll fit your needs seamlessly. You can then analyze the one that suits your budget and needs. You should be assured that they are quite affordable and are also from the best brands on the business that offers the best qualities. However, the main reason why you are getting the retro mini fridge shouldn’t be ignored – compactness and portability. These two features speaks volume of a retro mini fridge. A retro mini fridge is always price friendly and various brands exists, but you need to look closely for any of the aforementioned brands and product before getting one. It is indeed essential that you make good use of your retro mini fridge to get the best out of it. Good luck.

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