A Refrigerator With a Water Dispenser

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When the time comes to buy a new refrigerator, the buyer begins to think. You can, of course, buy a cheaper model that will have a “basic package”. But you can spend more money on a refrigerator, which will include a bunch of additional features.

If you do not mind the money, buy a refrigerator with the maximum number of various functions. It seems that they are not needed. In fact, you will use them actively. For example, a device such as a water dispenser integrated into a refrigerator can change your life for the better, especially if you live in a hot climate.

1. Can you add a water dispenser to a refrigerator?

Yes, you can, in general. There are some kinds of adjustable water dispensers with a  filter to install on your fridge, for example, Everydrop water dispenser. It’s magnetically-mounted and fits any magnetic surface on your fridge. Another bonus is that water dispenser frees up shelf space by eliminating the need for water bottles and provides you with clean, fresh-tasting water. 

But, for sure, a refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser is more comfortable and reliable and at the same time more costly.

2. How does a fridge with water dispenser work?

Only a few people will be surprised at a multi-functional refrigerator, but even despite this, manufacturers do not get tired of surprising customers with new and improved models, for example, refrigerators with a dispenser, built in the door – a device for supplying chilled water. 

Today, most refrigerators with dispensers are connected to the water supply. Thanks to this, the water supply device takes up less useful volume of the freezer. The user does not need to fill in the water and check its amount – water automatically enters the tank through the hose when the pressure pump is triggered.

The best advantage of modern models with a dispenser is the availability of a high-quality water purification system. Refrigerators are equipped with carbon filters that stop chlorine, fluorine and other harmful impurities. Thanks to the built-in filters and connection to the main water supply, this household appliance turns into not only a cabinet for storing food but also a great source of clean chilled water.

What is a dispenser? This is a special device that is ready to give you a portion of chilled water at any time.

 To activate the chilled water supply, it is necessary to connect it to the water supply system using a plastic or copper hose during the installation of the fridge. A faucet goes into the cold water line, to which a hose is connected by special adapters. The hose delivers water to the filter of the refrigerator.

The filter cartridge can be mounted on the rear wall of the refrigerator in a special slot or remotely, in the most convenient place (under the sink) and needs to be changed once a year.

Manufacturers recommend the use of replaceable filters. They are often of the same brand as the refrigerator. A single-flask filter will last for about 7-8 months at a cost of $ 50, a two-flask one will last for more than a year, its price is much higher, can reach $ 250.

3. What is a water dispenser in a refrigerator?

Why do I need a dispenser?

Main advantages:

  • speed: no need to wait until the water cools. Just press the button and get cold water immediately;
  • energy saving: there is no need to open the refrigerator each time to get cold water, which reduces heat loss;
  • taste: water in the sealed tank of the dispensary does not contact with other products, so it does not absorb extra odors;
  • benefit: many models are equipped with built-in water filters that make it cleaner.

Varieties of dispensers:

  •  connected to the water supply

In models with a water supply, a special carbon filter for water is provided, its service life is up to one and a half years (the longer the filter service life, the more expensive it is). Most often, manufacturers install a filter on the back of the refrigerator compartment, or you can put it in an accessible place (under the sink). The dispenser is connected to the water supply system using a flexible hose. When the filter expires, the device gives a signal to replace it. 

  •  with a tank inside 

If the connection to the water supply is not required, then the water is simply poured into the tank in the door of the refrigerator compartment manually. Less convenient, but this method of water supply does not require additional efforts for connection or cleaning. Thus, under the influence of the pump, water flows from the tank into the glass. By the way, the water from the tank can not only be cooled but also aerated. To do this, a gas spray and special options in the dispenser are used.

4. What causes a refrigerator water dispenser to stop working?

The most common cause of problems with the dispenser is that you cannot cool other liquids. Only water. But many people try to pour tea, lemonade, whiskey and other drinks that they would like to cool and enjoy drinking them without worries. It’s impossible.

You can make cocktails or drinks using chilled water, but no more. If the owner of the refrigerator tries to cool the coke or tea, it can break the entire system permanently.

Or if you pour coke into the dispenser, then you’ll have to clean it for a long time. 

Nevertheless, the built-in dispenser remains one of the most popular additional options, which complement and upgrade modern refrigerators.

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