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If you’re replacing your fridge or freezer, it’s either fun and renovation or a hassle for you, because the appliance is broken. In both cases, you’ll probably end up with the “What do I do with the old one?”.

Appliances are big, bulky and made of materials that tend to make their removal difficult and costly. 

 It turns out you have options — and you might even be able to make some money!

1. Who will pick up my old refrigerator for free?

  • Ask your town to take them.

See if your town, city, or state offers some kind of recycling program. Some municipalities provide pick-up for free or a fee. 

  • Give ’em away.

If that old fridge or freezer still runs but you either don’t get any buyers or are feeling altruistic, you may donate a working large appliance to a charity. Before donating your appliance, make sure that the item: 

  • is in good, working condition. 
  • can be used as it is, with no repairs. 
  • is clean and free of bugs or other pests.

2. How do I dispose of an old refrigerator?

If you’re wondering what to do with an old appliance, check out the appliance removal, recycling, and donation options.

  •  Pay the store to take them.

When you buy a new appliance, you can usually pay the delivery guys a nominal fee —  from $15 to $25 — to take away the old one for you. It might not be the cheapest, but at least it’s really easy. 

  •  Pay a commercial junk hauler.

There are plenty of commercial “junk” companies that’ll take anything away if you pay them — but be sure they’ll do it responsibly.

3. How much does it cost to throw away a refrigerator?

Appliance disposal costs can vary based on a few factors, including:

  • How many items you’re getting rid of. 
  • Whether you’re replacing an old appliance with a new one.
  • The kind of appliance you’re getting rid of. 

Here you can see the breakdown of costs of a few different appliance disposal options to help you choose the right one for your junk removal project. 

Cost to Remove Multiple Appliances

If you’re in the process of a major home cleanout or renovation, it may be more cost-efficient to hire a junk removal service or rent a dumpster to get rid of old appliances. Generally, a junk removal service can take one or two items for around $150, but removing a half truckload of junk costs around $360 and a full load is around $550. Renting a dumpster typically costs $369 on average, with a minimum landfill appliance charge costing around $30 per item.

If you’re just getting rid of just a fridge, a junk removal service may be your best bet. 

But if you also have other junk to dump, a dumpster rental is going to be the most cost-efficient appliance disposal option for your project. 

Cost to Remove and Replace Old Appliances

If you’re removing old appliances and replacing them with new ones, many retailers can take and recycle your old appliance for you. Here the appliance removal costs of a few popular retailers (rates may vary by location):

  • Best Buy: $19.99 when a replacement appliance is purchased and delivered. Standalone pickup is $99.99.
  • Lowe’s: $20 haul away fee is included with the cost of installation for a new appliance.  
  • The Home Depot: Free appliance removal with the purchase and delivery of a new item.
  • Sears: $25 to remove an old appliance with the purchase of a new item.   

Individual Appliance Removal Costs

If you’re just getting rid of one appliance and not replacing it, the cost of removal can vary depending on the item. 

When in doubt, call the junk service, landfill or recycling station for a quote on your individual appliance’s disposal.

4. Does AEP pick up an old refrigerator?

American Electric Power presents a wonderful opportunity for you if you are planning to get rid of your old refrigerator.

Get paid and receive a $50.00 incentive plus convenient pick-up. You can save money and energy up to $150 a year on your energy bills while removing your old working refrigerator or freezer. This program is limited to two appliances (refrigerators and/or freezers) You should remember that refrigerators and freezers must be empty, in working condition and 10-32 cubic feet in size. Within 6-8 weeks a $50 VISA prepaid gift card will arrive by mail.

5. Can I get money for my old refrigerator?

Yes, you can. 

No doubt, the Internet is a magnificent and wonderful thing. You can make an effort and try to sell your old fridge or find some programs, like AEP to receive some compensation.

  • Sell them for cash.

Appliances that are still working are totally worth money. Just post them on Facebook Marketplace and see if there are any customers!

Even appliances that don’t run are still potentially someone else’s treasure: many can be hunting for parts. Since large appliances contain recyclable materials such as metal, plastic, and glass, you may be able to sell them to a scrap metal company in your area.

So, of course, it’s up to you but remember that you always have a choice and often not the only one.

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