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A refrigerator is very secure and safe for eatables and every perishable item that can be stored in a cool place, as secure as it is, it attracts the same amount of danger as every sharp object or random object to your child. Kids in the house get attracted to the home refrigerator wherever it may be positioned; it is like a moth to the light attraction. They really can’t be blamed for this, it is every parent’s duty to protect the child, and as such, you need a baby proof to keep kids away from the refrigerator.

In case you’re trying to preserve or keep some items in the refrigerator for a long time, you’ll need to be extra careful by securing the doors of the fridge from reach of children playing around or close to the refrigerator; animals are not exempted from these protective measures. You may not know how important this is until you come across a series of accidents from other similar cases.

The safety of children should come first when it comes to utilizing these powerful electrical appliances. That is the same reason why you need a refrigerator lock for every refrigerator within reach of children. Using a strong tape will do if you’re trying to keep the doors locked, and do not make the mistake of storing a refrigerator on the back or side. This is quite dangerous for the refrigerant.

This guide and review are for users who see the refrigerator as the most essential appliance in the kitchen and hate to share it with anyone else, laws alone do not assure you that no one will come near your refrigerator. You should be quick to helping yourself by locking your refrigerator through different means.

Restrict your child’s access to the fridge

Every child that comes close to the refrigerator unattended to gives parents some headache. While looking for a lasting solution, your kids have already messed up the place and may even develop an upset tummy. If your kids have this habit of visiting the refrigerator at all times, the first thing you should do is to restrict their movements towards the location of the refrigerator.

If you find yourself in this case, you should do well to install a baby proof. This keeps them away and safe from other forms of danger or accident in the kitchen. And if the baby gate idea is a stress for you or seems inconvenient, you can as well try other lasting solutions to make sure your kids don’t access the contents of the refrigerator.

Most of the modern day refrigerators are full of functions. They often come with electronic panels having control and lock functions on the door. This feature when preset, prevents another user from accessing the keypads or using the refrigerator whenever you enable the lock.

Most models are easily locked by pressing and holding the lock button for more than 2 seconds. A repetition of the same step helps you unlock the controls and gives you access to the refrigerator.

Baby proof the refrigerator door

After you might have tried restricting your kids and the same issue persists, or it looks stressful opening and closing the same entrance multiple times, this guide is for you. Every parent knows the stress they go through when the house is messed up by the kids, not to talk of the fridge getting invaded by them. Even if you clear the mess, you’ll still have to take care of them to ensure they are safe from the stash and packs of random eatables they consumed from the fridge.

Many kinds of refrigerator locks and their functionality helps you discern what type of lock you’re using and probably how your kids visit the refrigerator. As an experienced researcher, I have studied some of these refrigerator locks and can quickly note their limitations, but they act right to keep every child away when in use.

If your kids are the type that finds it easy to open the doors of the refrigerator or freezer whenever they are close, you’ll need a refrigerator lock that shuts the freezer or fridge door properly and cannot be opened with ease. These locks are often common online. The lock may come in the form of a latch keyed into a housing and is placed on the side of the refrigerator or freezer. When keyed or glued to the side of the door, it prevents access from opening the refrigerator door.

A different type of lock that exists is a real lock that comes with two metal parts, each attached to the side and door of the refrigerator. The two metal parts are brought together by handles that are joined and keyed with a deadbolt padlock. In most cases, this refrigerator lock is very safe and can be too severe for kids.

It is often used for refrigerators that store medications, vaccines, prescriptions, control substances, and scientific materials or any substance that should not be exposed or kept within reach of children. You can also find it online and in retail stores.

Here is a classification of some fridge locks and how they can keep your kids off the home appliance.

Button Strap Fridge Lock

Just as the name sounds, it can hold any standard fridge door closed with the attached strap. Once installed on both ends, it can’t be easily opened unless when released by pushing the button. It has an automated latch system when the refrigerator door closes. While it is easy to use at home for prevention of kids reach, it has gathered successful reports from users but one of the cons is the glue that quickly gets weak, and the latch can be soft when under pressure. You should try it out.

Padlock-able Fridge lock

It can hold standard refrigerator doors without much stress and has stronger reliability. With the help of a padlock to connect the two metal attachments. This is considered the best and secured means of keeping kids off the refrigerator as it is very hard breaking the metal and padlock. It is reliable and sturdy and is recommended for professionals that need a secured lock for medications and other substances that can be kept in the refrigerator. Of course, no child can break into the fridge with this security, but a disadvantage is price and that it requires a padlock which s an extra cost.

Clip Strap Fridge Lock

If you own a French style door fridge, this lock system is right for you as it closes with just a flexible strap. You’ll need both hands to lock your fridge if you’re going for this type of lock. You need to be apply carefulness to this lock, it requires both hands, and as such, a kid could get access to the fridge when you’re holding onto an item from the fridge. Another disadvantage is that it can pop off too easily.

What type of fridge lock is suitable?

Although there exist the hard padlocks for heavy security, most refrigerator lock producers are investing much in baby products made to resist kids from opening the refrigerator door. The multipurpose strap made for almost all items that can be sealed from a baby still stands as one of the best to date. It can baby proof cabinets, toilets seats and also refrigerators. They have proven to be reliable, effective, price friendly and easy to install on any handle or door.

Most parents trust the product so well. After mounting, it becomes sturdy, and you’re good to go with other business, not minding the refrigerator. One of the reasons why it is classified as multipurpose is that French door stays fridge can also be subjected to lock.

You also need to baby proof your water dispenser

If your refrigerator is the type that comes with a water or ice dispenser, there’s every reason for you to baby proof it, just like you’re locking your refrigerator door too. Unlike the contents of the refrigerator that cannot be seen when the door is not opened, water or ice can fall to the floor at the push of a button. Funny to the kid and stress for the parent who does the cleaning.

First off, check and ensure if your fridge has a lock mechanism for the water or ice dispenser, this saves the extra cost of getting an external lock. If you’ve misplaced your manual, do well to check online if the model of your refrigerator comes with a lock mechanism system.

If it sure doesn’t come with a locking system, you’ll need a length of the magnetic sheet. Cut the sheets into a size that will cover the dispenser completely for maximum utilization. Be sure to cut adequate sheets so that you’ll cover up to the fridge door. With this, you are rest assured, and your kids are safe from the mess and leakage of ice or water.

How to apply locks to a refrigerator

There are more than a hundred reasons why you need a refrigerator door lock for your fridge or freezer. Parents do not want their curious kids to come close to the refrigerator. You can keep a teenager from the alcoholic drinks in the refrigerator with a lock, a roommate living with you and depending on your foodstuffs can be kept off them by keeping the foods in your fridge and locking it. All of these reasons should make you pay rapt attention to applying a lock successfully on your fridge.

You’ll find some fridge locks that require you to drill a hole on your refrigerator; these lock types are not advisable for a parent to buy. You could be digging into an essential cooling part of the fridge and cause damage or electrocute yourself. Adhesive applying components are excellent and strong enough to secure your refrigerator door.

Clean the fridge

Cleanliness comes first when applying refrigerator locks, from the front and side of the fridge, every part should be cleaned. It is part where the lock will be applied. Cleaning of this part is best done by using alcohol on a rag to scrub thoroughly every dirt or whatever stains that has been built up for long. If your fridge hardware is tough or the stain does not clean up easily, the Clorox magic eraser is there to help remove all the stains. A good reason why cleaning the refrigerator comes first is for the lock you’re applying to last long. Any lock used without cleaning the fridge can’t last too long.

Apply the Lock Hinges

After successfully cleaning side and door of the fridge, you should allow the surface to dry up, then, make sure to apply the lock hinges to both ends. This should be done at the top of the fridge preferably. Majority of these fridge locks are packed with adhesives that are strong enough to hold doors for quite a while. When applying to both ends make sure you apply much pressure so that the lock hinges with last long. Allowing the adhesive to settle for a while helps the hinges settle. After this, use firm tugs on the fridge lock for confirmation of the lock’s correct positioning.

Choose and apply your preferred lock

Whatever lock you choose helps to determine secured and safe your fridge is. If you want padlocks with code entry, you’re on the right path, but you always need to change your code after every listing so that your roommates and colleagues will not easily guess what your usual code is. Padlocks without codes have keys and cannot be opened without need a key; you have all the right to your refrigerator alone. Unless your kids feed on your carelessness, they cannot have access to the key. After you have given your refrigerator a suitable lock, you’re now safe from intruders or the kids messing around. Ensure your padlock code is always scrambled and your key always in a safe place or with you.

Recently, you’ll agree with me that not every lock tagged with a refrigerator is reliable. Some of these so-called refrigerator locks don’t last long. This guide is here to help you select among the best choice around. Sit back and take a ride with me.

Review of the Top Refrigerator Locks

Computer Security Products CSP-103.W Refrigerator Lock

Every user would agree with me that the best and secured means of keeping the refrigerator away from strangers and kids is a padlock system, either keyed or with code entry, they are sturdy and durable provided the adhesive or tape used are reliable. This type of lock is way more than a childproofing lock and, it can be used on medical cabinets, tools box, drawers, and any operable construction for restricting access of intruders or wrong hands. The plates are trusted; any refrigerator locked with this option is safe from kids and safer from adults that eat your food.

Ideally, the locks can be applied under the temperature range of 70F-100F but can be subjected to lower temperature. Included in the kits are;

  • Two white plates made of resin and are crush resistant of dimension “2.5 X 3” inches

  • Adhesive tape of VHB nature

  • Two steel made and vinyl coated cable arms with different length

  • A 30mm solid padlock made of brass for maximum security.

Marinelock MLDOORW Refrigerator Lock

This refrigerator can be well described as the best fridge lock choice with no lag space, and it is hard to break the lock. When you install Marinelock on your refrigerator door, only more than a hundred-pound kid can break into the fridge. It is suitable for use if you want to serve drinks in the RV, regardless of where you are. It is going to serve you right just like you are enjoying your portable fridge. Wherever you’re located.

Unlike some refrigerator locks that look too heavy, this model doesn’t make you think twice before visiting the fridge. It comes with a permanent VHB adhesive. You do not need to drill your refrigerator before installation. Drilling your refrigerator could cause electrocution or damage to the fridge. A soft and stubborn refrigerator lock as this is rare. Once you apply the adhesive on the cable arms, It takes 24 hours before you have a stubborn lock and somewhat easy to set up. Included in the kit are;

  • Two cable arm for side and door of the fridge

  • 3M VHB adhesive

  • A brass padlock

Safety 1st HS038 Refrigerator Lock

A soft designed model of refrigerator lock that keeps kids away from the refrigerator. You could be wondering how this latch could be so challenging to open for kids. In most cases, it is not very good for adults. Most adults can easily unlock this latch by applying little pressure to release it. However, this should not be a turn off for parents who want a secured refrigerator lock for kids. This is a lock system that applies to kids and not too tough for conventional usage. Adults should not consider this a choice for their safes. Parents can as well consider this type of lock for temporary use when the kids are on holiday. Included the kit is the latch that can stick to both side and door of the refrigerator.

Secure Home by Jessa Leona Refrigerator Lock

A quality product from Jessa Leona’s multiple security expressions. Latch might appear too soft but can serve you for ages. Works fine for its primary function. More suitable to lock toilet seats, cabinets, and drawers. With a few minutes of installation, your number one baby proof refrigerator lock is set for use; it doesn’t take much stress to set up. Even easy to uninstall if you no longer need its service. With the heat emanating from a hair dryer, you can easily uninstall from your refrigerator. It comes with three months warranty. Included in the kit is a simple latch lock system.

Parent Units 00325 Refrigerator Lock

Most of the refrigerator locks stated above are only applicable to single door fridges If you own a double door refrigerator and you struggle with your kids before you reach out for the fridge. This fridge lock is for you. It comes with a buckle in a rubber strap that can stretch the length of your double door refrigerator. Kids will have to back off totally from the fridge after many attempts to conquer the durable rubber. Babies always believe in short term trial.

If after many tries, the doors can’t be opened, they prefer not to come close anymore, in a way, it prevents them from over-indulgence. Included in this kit is the buckle attached to the rigid rubber strap.

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Computer Security Products CSP-103.W Refrigerator Lock
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