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If you enjoy sipping on wine before heading to bed or serving the occasional glass to your guests, thinking about a wine fridge is likely to occur. And in this situation, you would wonder what fridge could best serve your needs, especially when working with a budget. Before we get into what products would work for you, we should start with the basics.

For one, wine should indeed be in controlled conditions. The temperatures at which you store the wine will determine how good it will taste. That means that you cannot keep it out for long and you cannot keep it at the same temperatures with most food items. Ideally, white wine should be in conditions ranging from forty-five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit. For red wines, the temperature should lie between fifty-five and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. You see how this could easily interfere with the conditions of other food items.

Why is it important to keep your wine in these conditions? You may feel that these restrictions are limiting and may want to have the wine with other food items. While people do this, it tends to have adverse repercussions. Where the wine is in uncontrolled conditions, the temperatures will vary. As a result, the cork will expand and contract over time. This movement allows for the entry of oxygen into the bottle. Thus, when you finally pop the bottle open, you will realize that you killed the wine. And how horrible would that be when you saved the wine for a special occasion!

You can now see how important it is to keep your wine in controlled conditions. What options do you have? Well, you could build a standalone wine cave. Here, you could fit the cave with horizontal racks and store your wine in them. The fixed conditions ensure that no oxygen gets into the wine. And therefore no oxidation takes place, and the wine flavor will be as the maker intended it to be. And your taste glands will thank you for it. The good thing with the wine caves is that they offer tons of temperature zones. Thus, you can have both whites and reds in the cave, ensuring that each variety gets the conditions it requires. But there is one downside to these caves – they are expensive. Suppose you are operating on a budget, it would not be advisable to spend hundreds of dollars in such a venture.

In some cases, this investment could set you back thousands of dollars. Does it seem like a great idea? Sure, where you have the money, this could be your best bet. However, when you are working with a strict budget, this venture would not work for you. Plus, where you want to have a few bottles at a time, there is no need to undertake such an investment as you will not fully use it.

What is the other option? We now have a wine fridge. It won’t cost as much as a wine cave, and it works great for people who want to store a few bottles at a time. Where you are a wine enthusiast, you will be happy to know that some models offer large capacities. Thus, you will not have to compromise on the size in the name of saving money. 

With the issue of the importance of storing wines in controlled conditions out of the way, let us delve deeper into wine fridges.

Should you get one?

Yes, storing wine in controlled conditions is necessary. However, is there a need for you to get a wine fridge or can you make do without one? If you are wondering if you should take this next step, here are some pointers to help you come to a decision.  Now, some people think that this decision heavily hinges on one’s love of wine. They think of a fridge as a show of one’s seriousness when it comes to indulging in this age-old drink. However, that is not the case. You could take little wine, but you love to entertain. As a result, you would have tons of bottles at a time. It could also be that you enjoy having a collection. You can see where we are headed here. This decision will ultimately come down to how many bottles you love to hold at a time. That is why you have the option of a wine cave and a wine fridge. Collectors have the caves as they afford them tons of space to keep these beauties. Occasional drinkers have the refrigerators where they can store their select drinks. The same goes for people who often indulge. It also comes down to how fast you consume the wine. Suppose you get five bottles a day and they are no more the next day, you don’t need a fridge. And you do not need a cave. In this case, you can have the wine on its side in a dark place, and it should be fine. Where you plan on drinking the wine after a month, get a fridge as the chances of oxidation are high. So we are down to two factors- the number of bottles and the frequency of your drinking. You can use these two to determine the need for a fridge. If you find that you need to have a fridge in your home to accommodate your wine needs, here are some of the products you should consider. They have proven to be gems to wine lovers across the world, owing to their impeccable features. Have a look:

Review of the Best Wine Refrigerator

Danby DWC93BLSDB Wine Refrigerator

Where you are working with a budget and want a convenient way to store your wines, this is it. This freestanding wine fridge has a capacity of up to thirty-six bottles thanks to its 3.2 cubic feet cooling area. You can vary the temperatures between 43 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for rose and white wines. You will love the display lighting which allows you to view the bottles with ease, as you make a selection for the day. Also, thanks to the auto-cycle defrosting in place, maintenance is at a minimum. You will hardly need to get to work.

NutriChef PKTEWC12 Wine Refrigerator

Thanks to the variable temperature settings, you can store both red and white wines in this cooler. It keeps your wines cool thanks to its thermoelectric cooling technology. You will love how airtight it is, which ensures that oxidation does not take place. Where you aspire to be a sommelier or enjoy sipping on wine, this machine will come in handy.

Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Refrigerator

People recognize Igloo fridges as some of the best-built products on the market. And with this reputation, you have an assurance that you are investing in a product that will be worth the money. It comes with a capacity of twelve bottles, which is adequate for someone who does not need many bottles at a time. You can place eight closed bottles lying flat with four open bottles in a standing position. In this way, you can maximize the available space.

Ivation IV-FWCT181B Wine Refrigerator

Where you do not have much space, this fridge would be ideal as it does not need much room. It works to preserve the quality and taste of wines by keeping them in the required conditions. Not only does it regulate the temperature, but it also controls the moisture levels.

NutriChef PKTEWC180 Wine Refrigerator

Where you plan on aging wine, regulation of conditions is of the utmost importance. With this cooler, you can achieve that thanks to its variable temperature controls. Plus, it comes with a digital panel that is easy to control.

Ivation IV-FWCT121B Wine Refrigerator

Vibrations cause disturbances in the wine and could lead to a decrease in the quality of these loved beverages. With this fridge, this will not be an issue as it has zero vibration. You can thus use it to store and age your wines while preserving their flavors. You will love the easy visibility of the interior, guaranteed by the soft LED lighting in place. Plus, operating this machine is easy.

Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 Wine Refrigerator

Where you are a wine enthusiast who is short on space, this fridge would be an ideal purchase. It can fit in narrow spaces ranging from kitchen corners to dorm rooms. You will love that it can preserve the quality of both red and white wines. It features two zones dedicated to different varieties. How cool is that!

NewAir AW-281E Wine Refrigerator

Wine collectors require a lot of space in which they can store their prized wines. And this fridge provides them with the opportunity to do so, thanks to its large storage capacity. It can hold up to 28 bottles at one time which is excellent for anyone looking to age or store wine for a while. Plus, its elegant design will not get in the way of your décor, as it works to complement the aesthetics of a room.

Whynter BWR-18SD Wine Refrigerator

If you want tons of storage space without reaching deep into your pocket, this is the solution to your needs. It can hold up to nineteen wine bottles with a capacity of 750 ml each. Thus, it works for the enthusiast or the connoisseur. Thanks to its wide temperature range, you can store both red and white varieties in it.

GE PCR06BATSS Wine Refrigerator

When looking for a wine fridge, many people forget that these appliances can serve more than one function. This fridge also works as a beverage holder and can hold as many as 150 cans at a time. Thus, where you love hosting parties in the hot months, this can be your go-to. It works for someone who does not need many bottles at a time as it can hold 12 standard bottles in one go. Plus, you can use the racks for other purposes when you are not aging or storing wine. You will love that it has variable temperature control.

Editor's Choice

Danby DWC93BLSDB Wine Refrigerator
Our Pick


Now that you have decided to get a wine fridge, you should keep some factors in mind to help you get what will suit your needs.

The one thing that drives most purchases is the pricing. As much as this is an essential factor, it should not be the deciding factor. It helps to start by working with other factors and using the price as the last determinant. In this way, you will not disregard a product owing to its pricing, but rather by its features and reviews. So keep the price aside and start by looking at what the fridge has to offer.


Wine bottles come in different sizes, and you thus need a fridge that can accommodate the varying shapes. Get a refrigerator with adjustable shelves, as these will allow you to organize the space to fit your bottles. Suppose you are buying large burgundy bottles, you would have a hard time fitting them into rigid spaces. So look at whether the wine fridge can accommodate both large and small bottles before making a purchase.

Storage Space

On this note, you will consider two things. The first factor is how much space the fridge will occupy. Suppose you have a small room, you should think about the dimensions of the refrigerator and whether they can fit in the space. You can then look at various models and see what you can accommodate without cramping the space. The second factor is how many bottles the fridge can hold. Yes, it can fit in your kitchen, but can it hold the bottles you have in mind? Wine enthusiasts should especially consider this factor as it will determine how many of their favorites they can stock. Note that the more storage space you need, the more money you will spend on this venture. If you do not need that many bottles at a time, you can do with a smaller fridge. You should also consider your future needs.


Here, you will consider durability, performance, and noisiness. The first factor is quite essential. You will spend a considerable amount of money on this venture, and it thus makes sense that it should be long-lasting. Therefore, look into the warranty provided and what previous users have to say about the fridge. You should also consider the performance of the machine. Refrigerators use electricity, and they can thus run up the utility costs, especially where they are not energy efficient. It helps to get models that meet energy efficiency certifications as you will have the assurance of low energy bills. Insulation is also of importance as you want the machine to use up as little energy as is possible. And the final factor would be the noise. If you are storing the unit near a quiet room such as the living room, noise can be distracting. Thus, look for models which advertise silent operation and invest in these. You can finally consider the price and see what works for your budget, after narrowing down the options. Whatever decision you make at this point will be well-advised — all the best of luck in this selection process.

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