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Side by side refrigerators have become a popular consumer choice for modern kitchens. Though this type of configuration is not a mere style statement. Refrigerators with side by side cabinets tend to be a better choice for those looking to optimize kitchen space. The storage of side by sides is also much more organized than the interior of standard models, making them a perfect selection for families with small children and for picky eaters in general.

Things to Consider

Today, most leading brands offer rather extensive selections of side by side refrigerators, making it somewhat difficult to decide on the right model for you and your family. After outlining your budget, the next step is to establish the key features that may be most relevant for your kitchen.


Depending on the installation type, side by side refrigerators offer between 18 cubic feet and 30 cubic feet of total capacity. Some built-in models also extend the storage space in the freezer cabinet and have better organized shelving.


If your family prefers dairy and fresh produce in their diet, it’s important to find a refrigerator with humidity-controlled drawers and produce preserver systems. For those who restock their supplies often and in bulk, your best pick would be models with extra storage sections such as deli pantries, gallon bins, dairy and egg pockets, exterior produce drawers and through-door dispensers. Freezer cabinets with in-door ice makers are also much more spacious and efficient.

Cooling system

When stocked at full capacity, refrigerator compressors are forced to put in more work into cooling and freezing your food which sometimes may lead to huge utility bills and unevenly chilled items. However, modern side by side refrigerators are equipped with power cooling and freezing functions, that prevent the loss of cool air and maintain consistent temperatures in both cabinets even in warmer room environments.

Review of the Side By Side Refrigerators

Frigidaire FFSS2615TS Side By Side Refrigerator

The Frigidaire FFSS2615TS is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.5 cubic feet of total capacity and quiet operation.

The main refrigerator compartment comes with a PureSource 3® water filter and single-level LED lighting, while the storage is supported by the StoreMore™ cantilever shelves, 5 door bins with a 2 adjustable gallon bins, dairy compartment, and 2 clear crisper drawers.

All storage sections are made with clear design for better visibility. All temperature controls and displays are located on the upper panel inside the fresh food cabinet.

The freezer compartment offers 9 cubic feet of space, also featuring 4 fixed door bins in white, 2 wire shelves, and a full-size basket at the bottom. Interior LED lighting makes sure all frozen goods are clearly visible whenever you restock the freezer.

The side-mounted ice maker is located in the middle of the freezer door and connects to the exterior dispenser. Integrated in the front left panel, the dispenser allows a faster access to filtered water and cubed or crushed ice. All options can be easily selected with the ReadySelect® electronic controls located on the dispenser panel.

This Frigidaire refrigerator comes with a stylish stainless steel finish that combines color-coordinated exterior elements, dynamic condenser, and short UltraSoft™ doors to achieve a smoother high end design.

GE GSS25GSHSS Side By Side Refrigerator

The GE GSS25GSHSS is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.3 cubic feet of total capacity and 9.25 cubic feet of freezer space.

With a total storage of 16.07 cubic feet, 4 glass shelves and 4 door bins, the fresh cabinet of this GE refrigerator can be stocked with a wide variety of foods and beverages. The shelves also include 2 slide-out and 3 adjustable spill-proof shelves, while the door bins have 2 adjustable bins with gallon storage.

Underneath the shelving, the multi-level produce drawer system is installed to provide the best possible produce preservation with its top snack drawer, middle drawer with adjustable humidity, and safely sealed bottom drawer.

The freezer cabinet offers 3 adjustable shelves with a sweet spot shelf for various desserts, 4 adjustable bins and a slide-out storage basket at the bottom for frozen meat and other bulk foods.

In addition, the Frost Guard supported freezer cabinet features the lid-covered Arctica ice maker with direct access to the ice storage in case you may need to grab large amounts of ice hassle-free. Integrated in the freezer door, the exterior dispenser is able to deliver chilled and filtered water as well as cubed and crushed ice.

Equipped with sensor controls, the dispenser allows you to monitor and control the functions of your appliance directly from the front panel, namely temperature controls and display, door alarm, child lock, and filter indicators.

Located in the upper-right corner at the rear of the refrigerator compartment, the advanced MWF filter makes sure the refrigerator’s water supply is free of pharmaceuticals. NSF-certified and replaceable, these GE filters raise the filtration quality and make purified water much safer for consumption.

Other unit enhancements include ABS door and cabinet liners for quieter operation, easily removable door gaskets, never clean condenser, and power-saving vacation mode.

The stainless steel finish and medium warm gray dispenser make for a perfect style match, while the contoured doors and dark gray steel case complement the smooth seamless look of the entire unit.

Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ Side By Side Refrigerator

The Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ is a freestanding refrigerator with 24.5 cubic feet of total capacity and a fine filtration system.

The fresh food cabinet features 4 frameless glass shelves, 5 door bins with adjustable gallon storage, a can caddy section, a utility compartment, a deli drawer for cheese and meats, and 2 crispers. The bottom crisper is humidity-controlled, while the supplementary door compartments provide neat storage space for canned beverages and stray condiments.

On the other side of the cabinet is the spacious 9.11 cubic feet freezer with a factory-installed ice maker and automatic defrost function. It also offers plenty of loading space with its 3 full-width glass shelves, 3 door bins, and a sizeable storage basket.

The through-door ice and water dispenser with exterior EveryDrop™ water filtration delivers purified water, cubed or crushed ice, and allows you to control refrigerator functions via the responsive touch console. Other control features include dispenser lock, night light, and temperature adjusters for both cabinets.

This Whirlpool refrigerator is ADA compliant for height, side, and front reach. Coated with an extra layer for better resistance to smudging, this model combines the smooth stainless steel finish with contour door, textured cabinet, and contrasting black-tinted dispenser panel. Reach-through handles make it easier to stock both cabinets, and the efficient LED lighting leave no interior corner in the dark.

LG Electronics LSXS26366S Side By Side Refrigerator

The LG LSXS26366S is a freestanding refrigerator with the Door-in-Door® system and the ColdSaver™ barrier.

As a SpacePlus® model, this LG refrigerator offers 26.1 cubic feet of total capacity and 9.20 cubic feet of freezer storage.

The fresh food cabinet features 4 cantilevered tempered glass shelves, 2 crisper drawers, and 9 clear slide-out tilting door bins. The bins inside the in-door compartment are best used for snacks, condiments, food with low index of spoilage, and chilled beverages.

The freezer cabinet offers plenty of space for frozen goods on its 3 cantilevered tempered glass shelves and 3 adjustable door bins. Temperatures inside the freezer can be regulated within the range between -6°F and 8°F.

The vertical exterior ice and water dispenser is located on the freezer side, providing you access to filtered water, cubed or crushed ice, and smooth touch controls with a digital display. The console features other functions such as door alarm, ice plus, and temperature controls.

For better preservation, this LG is equipped with 5 temperature sensors, inverter linear compressor, and the multi-flow smart cooling system that ensures even temperature distribution.

This model comes with a LoDecibel™ sound package and a highly efficient filtration system supported by extra insulation to achieve a more optimal balance of power consumption and cooling efficiency.

The stainless steel finish, equipped with matching commercial handles and smooth coating, is designed to fit all kitchen layouts regardless of decorative panelling.

Frigidaire Gallery FGSS2635TF Side By Side Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Gallery FGSS2635TF is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.6 cubic feet of total capacity and improved filtration.

The fresh food cabinet with 3 StoreMore glass shelves, 5 door bins with a dairy compartment and adjustable gallon storage, 2 stack-on humidity-controlled crispers, and a stack deli drawer.

All sections come with clear see-through design, decorated with metallic trim on cantilever shelves and white trim on the multi-level drawers. The dedicated chill temp controls are located on the left side at the bottom of the cabinet.

The frost-free freezer cabinet offers 9.03 cubic feet of space with adjustable shelving. Located on the top shelf, the ice maker connects to the exterior dispenser and ensures consistent ice production. The cabinet has 3 shelves of wire variety, including an ice cream shelf and pizza shelf, as well as 4 clear door bins and a spacious storage basket.

Equipped with dual-level LED lighting, the refrigerator provides bright yet energy-saving illumination to make stocking much easier.

Additionally, the through-door flush-installed dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice. Featuring ExpressSelect® controls, the dispenser allows you to monitor water filter and air filter levels, adjust temperature, and check cooling parameters on the digital display.

This Frigidaire refrigerator comes with a superior filtration system supported by the PureSource Ultra® II water filters that can remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from the water and the PureAir Ultra® filter to extend product freshness and reduce odors.

The stainless steel finish is completed by the color-coordinated handles and exterior dispenser. This model is ADA compliant and Kosher Consumer Friendly.

Samsung RS25J500DSR Side By Side Refrigerator

The Samsung RS25J500DSR is a freestanding refrigerator with 24.5 cubic feet of total capacity and 8.8 cubic feet of freezer space.

With its compact yet flexible 15.7 cubic feet capacity, the fresh cabinet contains 4 tempered glass shelves, 2 stack-on drawers, and 4 bins with bottle storage and a clear dairy bin at the top. All shelves are spill proof and can be rearranged within the cabinet.

Equipped with a fast freeze function and an automatic ice maker, the freezer cabinet offers plenty of storage space with its 3 door bins, 4 wire shelves with a half-width top shelf for small items, and a clear basket at the bottom level meant for large frozen goods.

The exterior dispenser provides filtered water and cubed or crushed ice in any amounts you may need, while the top dispenser panel features responsive electronic buttons with a digital display, allowing you to adjust temperature and enable or disable cooling functions.

This ENERGY STAR® certified and ADA compliant Samsung refrigerator features stainless steel finish with matching bar handles and smooth bar-style dispenser, making it suitable for most kitchen regardless of their panel design.

Amana ASD2575BRW Side By Side Refrigerator

The Amana ASD2575BRW is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.5 cubic feet of total capacity and a large freezer compartment.

The fresh cabinet sections include 3 adjustable Spillsaver glass shelves, 4 adjustable door bins with gallon storage and a covered dairy corner, and one spacious humidity-controlled Garden Fresh drawer. In addition, the Temp Assure controls allow you to adjust cooling conditions to extend the freshness of specific items.

Offering up to 10 cubic feet of space, the freezer features 3 wire shelves, 4 door bins with a pizza pocket, an automatic ice maker located at the top, and a bottom-level basket for items frozen in bulk. Automatic defrost function is also available.

The exterior dispenser is supported by the PuR filtration system and provides filtered water as well as cubed and crushed ice. The top dispenser panel has 7 responsive touch buttons to make the control of refrigerator functions much easier. 

This Amana refrigerator comes with a pristine white finish, matching handles, and contrasting black dispenser panel as well as black interior door lining. Equipped with the SofSound sound package, this model ensures quieter operation while consuming only 544 kilowatt hours annually.

Maytag MSC21C6MFZ Side By Side Refrigerator

The Maytag MSC21C6MFZ is a freestanding refrigerator with 20.6 cubic feet of total capacity and flush counter depth design.

The fresh cabinet comes with 4 glass shelves—3 of which are adjustable—5 door bins with gallon storage, a full-width deli drawer, and 2 crispers with humidity-controlled FreshLock™ system.

In addition, the PowerCold® technology optimizes temperature levels in the refrigerator cabinet for faster chilling and superior preservation of fresh products.

Featuring the Store-N-Door® ice dispensing system and automatic defrost, the freezer cabinet frees up space on the top shelf as well as eliminates the need for manual defrosting. The storage space consists of 4 glass shelves, 3 clear door bins, and a bottom basket for larger frozen goods.

The exterior ice and water dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice in measured amounts while also providing easier access to the electronic controls and a digital temperature display.

To enhance the overall performance, this ADA compliant Maytag refrigerator engages the fresh flow air filter as well as the EveryDrop™ water filter that removes harmful contaminants from the water of all hardness levels and temperatures.

Outfitted with a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, matching bar handles and color-coordinated dispenser, this Maytag makes for a great fit for any contemporary kitchen design.

KitchenAid KBSD608ESS Side By Side Refrigerator

The KitchenAid KBSD608ESS is a built-in refrigerator with 29.5 cubic feet of total capacity and a large freezer cabinet.

The fresh food cabinet offers 5 adjustable spill proof glass shelves, 5 door bins with gallon storage and a dairy pocket, 2 full-width crispers mounted on SatinGlide® rollers, and a fully extendable wide pantry designed to safekeep your deli products and snacks.

To prolong the freshness of your greens, fruits and vegetables, the produce preserver applies the ExtendFresh™ temperature technology that optimizes cooling levels based on the type of stored product.

The large freezer section provides 10.28 cubic feet of space with flexible storage sections, including 5 wire and glass shelves, 2 clear baskets, and 3 adjustable bins. In addition, the factory-installed ice maker and automatic defrost function ensure both superior space efficiency and removal of excessive ice.

The exterior water filter connects to the through-door dispenser that provides filtered water and crushed or cubed ice. Located on both the top dispenser panel and inside the refrigerator cabinet, easy-access touchpad and electronic controls allow you to regulate temperature and monitor function status.

This is an ENERGY STAR® and Kosher Consumer Friendly model. With its protective PrintShield™ layer and color-matched handles, the stainless steel cabinet of this KitchenAid refrigerator can fully replace a standard built-in refrigerator appliance.

Bosch B20CS30SNS Side By Side Refrigerator

The Bosch B20CS30SNS is a freestanding refrigerator with 20.2 cubic feet of total capacity and counter depth design.

The fresh cabinet offers 4 tempered glass shelves, 6 clear door bins with gallon storage, and 2 wide drawers with unique rippled bases that improve fresh air circulation.

Featuring the efficient NoFost function, the freezer cabinet has 3 tempered glass shelves, 3 clear door bins, 2 clear slide-out drawers, and a compact automatic ice maker at the top of the compartment that connects to the exterior dispenser. The ice maker provides the Quick Ice option for a more efficient production of ice whenever you might need it in bulk.

The through-door dispenser delivers filtered water, cubed ice, crushed ice, and provides easy access to electronic controls with a digital monitor that allows you to adjust the temperature and select cooling functions.

In addition, this Bosch refrigerator comes with the MultiAirFlow™ cooling system that not only optimizes air circulation inside the main cabinet, but also evens out temperature and humidity levels in order to extend the freshness of your products.

Other powerful cooling functions include the SuperCool® feature that helps preserve fresh food as soon as you place it in the cabinet as well as the SuperFreeze® feature that ensures all frozen products are preserved faster and remain consistently frozen throughout.

Coated with an extra anti-fingerprint layer, the stainless steel finish is elevated by the smooth door design with hidden hinges and sleek color-matched handlebars. This appliance is ENERGY STAR® certified and quietly efficient in all ambient temperatures.

GE Cafe CZS22MSKSS Side By Side Refrigerator

The GE Café™ CZS22MSKSS is a built-in refrigerator with 21.9 cubic feet of total capacity.

The spacious fresh food cabinet offers 4 adjustable spill proof glass shelves, a quick space shelf, 4 clear door bins with one adjustable gallon storage and a dairy compartment.

The multi-level drawer system consists of 3 clear compartments: the sealed bottom drawer, the humidity-controlled middle drawer designed for produce, and the slim top drawer best used for deli goods.

The freezer cabinet comes with the Frost Guard function and optimized ice storage. It also features 4 glass shelves, including one slide-out shelf and a sweet spot shelf for desserts, 4 door bins with tilt-out design, 2-stack drawer system, and the factory-installed ice maker with an ice storage bin.

Supported by the interior filter, the exterior dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice right while also giving access to upfront touch temperature controls and temperature display. Other functions include quick ice, child lock, door alarm, temperature levels, and LED dispenser light.

The stainless steel exterior of this Cafe refrigerator adds contoured doors and matching handles which are functionally improved with insulating cabinet liner to achieve quieter and more reliable operation.

LG STUDIO LSSB2692ST Side By Side Refrigerator

The LG STUDIO LSSB2692ST is an ultra-large built-in refrigerator with flush installation and WiFi connectivity. 

Featuring multi-level LED lighting, the fresh cabinet offers storage space on 5 tempered glass cantilever shelves, inside 3 clear crispers, and in 4 gallon sized door bins done in clear, opaque, and spray deco designs. The upper inside panel gives you access to in-chamber temperature controls and other cooling features.

Equipped with a soft-closing door, the freezer compartment holds up to 9.35 cubic feet of storage and features 5 glass shelves, 3 clear drawers, 2 door bins, and the in-door SpacePlus® ice system that lets you use the cabinet shelves to their full potential.

The external ice and water dispenser connects to the automatic ice maker and delivers filtered water and crushed or cubed ice. The dispenser’s matte black upper panel offers SmoothTouch controls with a digital temperature display and optional LED illumination.

With 7 temperature sensors and Multi-Air-Flow™ technology, this LG refrigerator ensures the best possible cooling performance, including the even distribution of fresh air and efficient humidity levels.

With its flush built-in design and surface clad in stainless steel, this model is able to fit seamlessly within your counter space and cabinetry. WiFi enabled and NFC ready, the appliance allows for remote monitoring and control made possible by the SmartThinQ® technology.

This LG refrigerator is ENERGY STAR® certified, ADA compliant, and employs LoDecibel™ system to make sure your kitchen remains peaceful and quiet. 

Best Overall

Frigidaire FFSS2615TS Side By Side Refrigerator


What is a side by side refrigerator?

Side by side refrigerators are generally sought out for their proportional cabinet configuration since they allow easier access to both the freezer and the refrigerator compartment. The freezer offers more storage flexibility and is generally more organized than top or bottom freezer appliances.

Which is the best side by side refrigerator?

In general, each side by side refrigerator comes with individual advantages that can be best utilized in different kitchen settings. According to independent evaluations, the best overall side by side refrigerator in the middle bracket is the GE GSS25GSHSS that achieves the optimal balance of storage features and top end cooling performance.

What is the largest side by side refrigerator?

One of the largest side by side refrigerators is the Sub-Zero PRO4850G with a whopping 30.4 cubic feet of total capacity, the 11.7 cubic feet freezer and additional exterior drawer storage.

How wide is a side by side refrigerator?

The average side by side refrigerator is approximately 35-36 inches wide, though there are many built-in models that come in 42-inch configurations designed to boost interior storage.

How long does a side by side refrigerator last?

The average service life of a side by side refrigerator ranges from 8 to 12 years. However, it is possible to get a more consistent and lengthy performance out of your refrigerator by conducting routine maintenance as well as following manufacturer's advice on proper upkeep of the compressor and other vital parts.

Also, consider reading our comparison of side-by-side refrigerators under 1000 to learn more about different budget options. Speaking of cheap side-by-side fridges, you can view this article to see all options.

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