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No modern kitchen is truly complete without a style-fitting refrigerator. Though there are many contemporary designs and configurations, one of the top consumer choices today are side by side refrigerators.

Top-3 Side-By-Side Refrigerators For less than $1,000

Frigidaire FFSS2615TS
Whirlpool WRS315SNHM
Amana ASD2575BRW

Refrigerators with side by side compartments not only optimize interior storage for a better stocking experience, but also preserve the efficiency of your kitchen space and cabinet accessibility. If you have your eyes set on a side by side refrigerator but find yourself in the constraint of a limited budget, there is no need to compromise with a standard model or a less efficient appliance. Many top brands offer budget side by side refrigerators just under the 1000 dollar mark without sacrificing the storage space or reducing cooling performance.

Things to Consider

Most freestanding side by side refrigerators under $1500 and $1000 come with a more or less similar set of functions with varying capacity and some additional control features offered by top industry brands. In order to find the right refrigerator for your kitchen in this price bracket, you might want to first outline the main functional priorities required for your kitchen. This includes the different eating habits of your family, the flexibility of your kitchen space, and general power efficiency.


Side by side refrigerators under $1000 offer between 20 cubic feet and 26 cubic feet of total capacity. However, the total volume isn’t necessarily indicative of freezer capacity, with some models being more space proportionate than others. Budget side by side freezer cabinets range from 6 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet worth of storage.


If your funds afford you some financial leeway, you might want to look at side by side refrigerators with more flexible shelving and larger door storage as well as humidity-adjustable crispers. This also includes the space efficiency of the freezer cabinet, namely the location of the ice maker best positioned on the actual freezer door rather than in the upper section.


Apart from the general cooling performance, this may include the accessibility of the water and ice dispenser, the water filtration system, the type of interior lights—LED or incandescent—and the sensitivity of temperature controls. Some side by sides feature additional dispenser night lights as well as interior filters that target and remove water contaminants. Another useful feature to look for is the produce preserver that considerably extends the storage life of fresh products

Review of the Side-By-Side Refrigerators Under 1000

The Frigidaire FFSS2615TS is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.5 cubic feet of total capacity and versatile storage.

The fresh food cabinet is equipped the PureSource 3® water filtration, transparent storage design, and StoreMore™ cantilever shelves for better flexibility. Other sections include 5 door bins with 2 adjustable gallon pockets, 2 clear crispers, and a dairy compartment. The upper panel features temperature controls for manual adjustment and a digital display.

With 9 cubic feet of space, the freezer cabinet offers 4 white door bins, 2 wire shelves, and a full-size storage basket. At the half-width of the freezer door you may find the side-mounted ice maker that frees up shelf space and connects to the exterior dispenser.

The through-door dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice, while its smooth panel features ReadySelect® electronic controls for better functional accessibility.

Both cabinets come with efficient interior LED lighting to make sure everything is clearly visible whenever you restock your refrigerator.

By combining the stylish stainless steel finish with color-coordinated exterior elements, dynamic condenser, and short UltraSoft™ doors, this Frigidaire refrigerator balances the smooth, contemporary design with a quiet yet powerful operation.

The Whirlpool WRS315SNHM is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.1 cubic feet of total capacity and humidity controls.

The fresh food cabinet features 4 frameless glass shelves, 5 clear door bins with adjustable gallon bins and a dairy compartment, and 2 humidity-controlled crispers aimed to extend the freshness of all fruits, vegetables, and greens.

The freezer cabinet offers 9.61 cubic feet of storage and features 4 wire shelves, 4 white door bins, and a spacious lower basket. The adaptive defrost function monitors frost levels in the cabinet and removes all excess frost automatically, saving you the need for manual defrosting.

The ice maker is optional and can be installed at a later date with the ECKMF95 kit from Whirlpool.

Both cabinets are always clearly illuminated when the doors are opened thanks to highly efficient LED lighting.

Located on the left interior side of the fresh food cabinet, upfront electronic temperature panel allows you to effectively control the environment of both cabinets, from the intensity of the cooling system itself to the in-chamber chill levels.

This Whirlpool refrigerator is outfitted with textured stainless steel finish that bears a smooth monochromatic tinge, providing a neat match for the contour doors with hidden hinges and color-coordinated reach-through handles.

The Amana ASD2575BRW is a freestanding refrigerator with 25.5 cubic feet of total capacity and extended freezer storage.

The fresh food cabinet features 3 adjustable shelves made from Spillsaver glass, 4 adjustable door bins with gallon storage and a dairy pocket, and one humidity-controlled Garden Fresh drawer.

All interior environment can be adjusted with Temp Assure™ controls to regulate optimal cooling conditions for different products.

With almost 10 cubic feet of storage, the freezer cabinet offers 3 wire shelves, 4 door bins with a pizza pocket, a lower-level basket, automatic ice maker located on the top shelf, and the automatic defrost function.

The exterior dispenser is connected to the interior filtration system and delivers filtered water, cubed ice, and crushed ice. It also features 7 responsive touch controls located on the top dispenser panel, letting you access all vital functions much faster.

Additionally, the SofSound sound package of this model provides necessary insulation for a quieter operation. With its pristine white finish, matching handles, and black dispenser panel, this Amana refrigerator offers a clean modern look accentuated by black interior door lining.

The Amana ASI2575GRS is a freestanding refrigerator with 24.6 cubic feet of total capacity and a dual pad dispenser.

The fresh food cabinet features 4 shelves, 5 adjustable door bins with a dairy pocket and gallon storage, and 2 humidity-controlled crispers. The interior Temp Assure™ controls let you optimize the storing environment to extend the freshness of greens, fruits, and vegetables.

The freezer cabinet offers 9.11 cubic feet of space, featuring 3 wire shelves, 4 door bins, a large storage basket, and a factory-installed ice maker. The automatic defrost function keeps the freezer cabinet consistently frost-free, so there is no need to manually defrost your appliance.

Located on the left front door panel, the dual pad external dispenser connects to the exterior EveryDrop™ water filter, ensuring consistent delivery of filtered and chilled water as well as cubed and crushed ice.

The electronic controls for dispenser functions are located on the dispenser panel, including the child lock and dispenser lights, while the refrigerator temperature controls can be found in the upper left corner inside the fresh food cabinet.

Both cabinets and the dispenser are sufficiently illuminated with incandescent lights, providing a clear view of all compartments and drinkware pads. This Amana refrigerator is ADA compliant, meeting the requirements for height, side and front reach accessibility.

This is a stainless steel model with contrasting black elements, namely the dispenser, the interior door lining, and the foot grill. Color-matched reach-through handles and hidden hinges complete the smooth seamless look, making it a worthy pick for any kitchen.

The Amana ASI2175GRS is a freestanding refrigerator with 21.4 cubic feet of total capacity and produce preservation.

The fresh food cabinet comes with 4 glass shelves, 5 door bins with 3 adjustable sections, 2 and humidity-controlled drawers. The compartment is fitted with a produce preserver system that reduces the levels of ethylene that can be found in some fresh produce, thus halting the over-ripening process.

The freezer cabinet features the automatic defrost function, offering flexible storage for frozen foods with 3 wire shelves, 4 white door bins, a lower-level basket, and a factory-installed ice maker

Connected to the external water filter, the through-door dual pad dispenser provides measure filled chilled water and cubed or crushed ice. The dispenser control panel also features the night light option and a child lock.

As a black-on-stainless model, this Amana refrigerator combines the classic stainless steel smoothness with contrasting black elements to achieve a crisper look accentuated by black door lining.


What sizes do side by side refrigerators come in?

Generally, the size and capacity of side by side refrigerators depend on the installation type of each model as well as the price bracket. Average side by sides measure between 30 inches and 36 inches in width, with some built-in models reaching 42 inches in width. The height of side by sides is consistent with the standard 69 inch models, with the range between 67 inches and 70 inches. Some freestanding side by sides come with counter depth design for a more seamless installation, though typically their depth ranges between 29 inches and 36 inches. Many 24-inch deep built-in models are designed to be fully integrated in your counter space. Depending on the appliance brand and the refrigerator series, total capacity may range from 18 cubic feet to 32 cubic feet. Average side by sides fall within the 22-25 cubic feet range.

Do side by side refrigerators have more freezer space?

Compared to standard single-door models with bottom or top freezers, the side by side refrigerators offer more freezer space and better compartment organization. Even though side by sides tend to come with slightly smaller freezers than the French door models, the freezer storage itself is more easily accessible and space-efficient. Side by side freezer cabinets offer additional space with the extended door storage, making it easier to stock various frozen goods and beverages. Freezer capacity of side by side refrigerators varies between 6 cubic feet and 11 cubic feet, with the average volume falling within the 7-9 cubic feet range.

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