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No modern kitchen can fully be called that—a kitchen—without boasting a style-appropriate refrigerator. While the current selection of refrigerators may seem endless, it could be rather difficult to navigate today’s marketplace when you work with a limited budget. However, many leading brands know not to focus solely on upscale appliances but also try to diversify their catalogues. Today you may find plenty of affordable refrigerators under $1500 that come in all popular configurations.

Things to Consider

After you have established your budget as well as extra funds you might have to spare on delivery and installation, the next step towards purchasing the right model for your kitchen is to outline the key features you prioritize the most in a refrigeratorAlso, you can read my Side By Side Refrigerators Under 1500 comparison. I believe you’ll find it useful.


Refrigerators under $1500 come in all configurations, including French door, side by side, top mount freezer, and bottom mount freezer. Side by sides have better storage organization and are easier to operate in confined spaces, while French door models have a clearer view of their bottom freezer contents and offer more in-door storage. Most top freezer units have reversible hinges to accommodate the specifics of your kitchen space and are generally the most affordable type of refrigerators, though some popular brands pack their top mounts with the latest tech worthy of top end models.


Refrigerators under $1500 come with a wide range of gross volumes, starting with 15 cubic feet and going up to 26 cubic feet. Freezer capacity can range from 4 cubic feet to almost 10 cubic feet. The fresh food cabinet capacity and freezer compartment capacity are not necessarily directly proportionate as some models come with a more equal configuration, such as side by sides, while others give preference to refrigerator space, such as compact top mount units.


In addition to their ability to consume as little power as possible, the functionality of refrigerators may also include temperature adjustability, humidity controls, automatic ice makers, exterior water and ice dispensers, improved filtration systems, powerful cooling functions, and produce preservers.

Review of the Refrigerators Under 1500

GE GSS25GSHSS Refrigerator Under 1500

The GE GSS25GSHSS is a freestanding refrigerator with side by side configuration and 25.3 cubic feet of total capacity.

Taking up the right side of the cabinet, the fresh food compartment offers 16.07 cubic feet of space and features 4 glass shelves with 2 slide-out and 3 adjustable spill-proof sections, 4 door bins with gallon storage, and multi-level drawers.

Divided into 3 sections, the top snack level, humidity-controlled middle level, and sealed bottom level, the drawer system is designed for storing a wide range of fresh produce, deli goods, and canned beverages.

The freezer compartment takes up 9.25 cubic feet worth of space on the left side of the cabinet and adds a reliable frost guard system to prevent excessive accumulation of evaporator residue.

Featuring 3 adjustable shelves, 4 adjustable bins, a storage basket, and a sweet spot shelf for frozen desserts, the freezer cabinet provides highly organized storage that keeps all frozen goods separate and well-preserved.

In addition, the Arctica ice maker frees up more shelf space as it comes integrated inside the freezer door section, connecting directly to the exterior dispenser. Moreover, the ice maker comes with its own ice storage tray.

The through-door dispenser delivers both chilled water and ice of either cubed or crushed variety, while also giving better access to sensor controls. Together with the digital temperature display, the controls let you adjust the cooling conditions inside both cabinets and offer other features such as door alarm, child lock, filter status, and a power-saving vacation mode.

Located in the upper-right corner at the rear of the refrigerator cabinet, the advanced filtration system works towards removing pharmaceuticals from your water supply by employing efficient MWF filters. As a result, all generated ice and inline water supply are safe to consume as they are purified according to industry standards.

The appliance is reinforced with ABS door and cabinet liners, never clean condenser, and easily removable door gaskets. Encased in smooth stainless steel, this GE refrigerator offers a stylish modern look with its contoured doors, matching handles and flush silver-tinged dispenser.

Whirlpool WRF535SWHZ Refrigerator Under 1500

The Whirlpool WRF535SWHZ is a freestanding refrigerator with French door configuration and 25.2 cubic feet of total capacity.

The fresh food cabinet features 5 frameless glass shelves, 6 clear door bins with gallon storage, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, and a full-width temperature-adjustable deli drawer.

With its FreshFlow™ produce preserver technology and Accu-Chill™ temperature management system, this Whirlpool refrigerator is able to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables as well as automatically adjust the temperature environment based on the type of products you store.

Interior water dispenser delivers chilled water in pre-measured amounts, ensuing the safety of filtration with EveryDrop™ filters that can efficiently remove traces of pharmaceuticals from your water supply.

The 2-tier freezer drawer is fully extendable, featuring an upper wire basket, a factory-installed ice maker, and a deeper plastic basket on the lower level for holding larger frozen goods.

With its adaptive defrost function, the freezer is able to detect the levels of accumulated frost and initiate the defrost process only when needed.

Located inside the fresh food cabinet, the upfront controls and digital temperature displays allow you to customize the cooling conditions in both compartments as well as adjust humidity levels in the crisper drawers.

Both compartments are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights and advanced foam insulation, ensuring a more environmentally friendly and ENERGY STAR® certified operation.

This model comes with a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, matching reach-through handles, and smooth door surfaces that deliver cleaner lines for a more complete look. 

Samsung RF263BEAESG Refrigerator Under 1500

The Samsung RF263BEAESG is a freestanding refrigerator with French door configuration and 24.6 cubic feet of total capacity.

The large fresh food cabinet offers 6 door bins with 3 gallon compartments and highly flexible shelving with 5 tempered glass shelves, 2 slide-out sections, 1 flip up, and 1 foldable.

At the bottom of the cabinet you can find 2 crispers with humidity control suitable for long-term preservation of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh products.

In addition, the temperature-controlled CoolSelect Pantry Zone™ is designed for preserving various deli goods, snacks, pizza, and party beverages.

The pantry has three settings: the Fresh mode, Chilled mode, and Deli mode. A required mode can be selected on the control panel located on the right side of the drawer.

Aimed to better regulate the climate in the fresh food cabinet, the Power Cool function lets you adjust temperature between 34°F and 44°F and chill the compartment faster regardless of how often the doors are opened.

Integrated in the left door on the interior side, the ice maker connects to the exterior dispenser in order to establish a direct supply of ice. Apart from delivering filtered water and cubed or crushed ice, the exterior dispenser allows faster access to electronic controls and digital temperature display.

The pull-out freezer drawer is located under the main cabinet and offers 8 cubic feet of space. The drawer features 2 baskets with item dividers designed to keep different types of frozen goods separate and prevent the mixing of odors.

Equipped with the Power Freeze function, the freezer boosts the freezing process to safely preserve the newly added items and compensate for possible temperature loss.

By including the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology, this Samsung refrigerator applies two separate systems for individual cooling of the fresh food cabinet and the freezer. This not only helps preserve food at optimal temperature and humidity levels, but also reduces performance and energy loss.

This is an ENERGY STAR® appliance that consumes only 637 kilowatt hours per year. With its sleek black stainless steel finish, smooth contour doors and matching reach-through handles, this Samsung refrigerator makes for a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Frigidaire FFHB2750TS Refrigerator Under 1500

The Frigidaire FFHB2750TS is a freestanding refrigerator with French door configuration and 26.8 cubic feet of total capacity.

With its StoreMore™ shelving system and 18.1 cubic feet of interior capacity, the fresh food cabinet features 5 glass shelves, 6 door bins with gallon storage and a dairy compartment, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, and a full-width pantry drawer.

The removable modular door bins are best suited for jars, cans, bottles, and beverage containers, while the pantry is a perfect place for holding deli meats, cheese, snacks, and party trays.

Located in the left upper corner of the main cabinet, the interior ice maker delivers ice directly to the exterior dispenser. In addition, the freezer allows you to install the second ice maker if such a need arises.

Mounted on Effortless™ glide rollers, the bottom freezer offers 8.7 cubic feet of space and 2 baskets with adjustable dividers. Both the freezer and the main cabinet are equipped with automatic LED lights that ensure consistent visibility.

The exterior dispenser delivers filtered water, crushed ice and cubed ice, while the dispenser panel offers access to Express-Select® controls that allow you to adjust temperature levels, select functions like the Sabbath mode, and monitor climate status in both the freezer and the fresh food cabinet.

Supported by the Even Temp™ cooling system, this Frigidaire refrigerator provides a more even distribution of cool temperatures inside both compartments and optimizes preservation conditions.

In addition to temperature and humidity controls, this model also offers advanced filtration with NSF-certified PureSource Ultra® II filters able to remove up to 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from your water supply.

This ENERGY STAR® certified stainless steel refrigerator seamlessly combines its tall door design with matching reach-through handles and flush dispenser, achieving a smooth modern look suitable for any kitchen space.

LG Electronics LTCS24223S Refrigerator Under 1500

The LG LTCS24223S is a freestanding refrigerator with a top mount freezer and 23.8 cubic feet of total capacity.

Offering up to 17.60 cubic feet of space, the fresh food cabinet features 3 white-trimmed glass shelves, 4 clear door bins with gallon storage, a bottle rack, and a dairy pocket.

At the bottom of the cabinet you can find 2 humidity-controlled crispers and a full-width Glide N’ Serve® pantry drawer perfect for storing deli products, snacks, and serving trays with finger food.

The top mount freezer compartment comes with 2 clear door bins, a full-width glass shelf, and an automatic ice maker with an ice bin located in the upper left corner. This freezer is able to defrost automatically by using integrated sensors to detect frost levels.

Supported by digital temperature sensors, the Multi-Air Flow system adjusts cooling and humidity levels to extend the freshness of all your products regardless of where you place the items in the cabinet.

Located inside the main cabinet, the upfront electronic controls allow you to adjust the cooling conditions in both compartments as well as monitor temperature levels via the panel’s digital monitor.

Both compartments are equipped with LED panels that provide clear and total illumination, making sure the stocking of your refrigerator is a much more pleasant experience. In addition, this LG refrigerator comes with the SmartDiagnosis™ function that provides technical support conducted by trained specialists. 

This is an ENERGY STAR® certified appliance with an efficient inverter linear compressor and LoDecibel™ sound package. Coated with smooth stainless steel finish, the exterior combines contoured doors with contrasting pocket handles to add a certain freshness to the classic design.

Haier HRF15N3AGS Refrigerator Under 1500

The Haier HRF15N3AGS is a freestanding refrigerator with French door configuration and double-drawer freezer.

The fresh food cabinet comes with 3 adjustable tempered glass shelves, 6 clear door bins with gallon storage, and a full-width cool zone drawer with humidity control.

The bottom freezer consists of 2 exterior drawers with full extension and includes the Quick Freeze function for superior preservation of all types of frozen goods.

The deeper bottom drawer is designed for large frozen foods such as bulk and prepackaged meats, while the slimmer upper drawer is perfect for storing pre-prepared meals, frozen vegetables, and various desserts.

With the added adaptive defrost function, both drawers are able to establish existing frost levels and initiate the defrost process automatically whenever required.

The interior is sufficiently illuminated with LED light bars, while the exterior door panel offers touch-responsive electronic controls, allowing you to adjust temperature levels, initiate the Quick Cool, Quick Freeze, and Dehumidify functions as well as select the Sabbath mode.

With its textured stainless steel case and matching curved doors with recessed handles, this Haier refrigerator presents a smooth, upscale final design that can add the feeling of premium aesthetics to any kitchen.

Best Overall

GE GSS25GSHSS Refrigerator Under 1500


What is the best refrigerator for the money?

Refrigerators under $1500 with varying configurations and functionality might be considered as the best in their class depending on their intended application and the requirements of each kitchen setting. The best overall side by side refrigerator in this category is GE GSS25GSHSS, while the best French door model is the spacious Frigidaire FFHB2750TS.

What is the most reliable refrigerator brand?

When it comes to compilation lists of refrigerator brands graded by reliability, consumer reports and different independent studies tend to arrive at varying conclusions. That said, the most reliable refrigerator brand overall is considered to be GE Appliances which encompasses all possible configurations, from French doors to side by sides and top mounts.

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