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People spend a lot of time in their garages. Gone are the times when these spaces were only useful for storing vehicles and extra household items. Now, they serve as entertainment spots, workshops, man caves, music rooms, and play areas, as well as other purposes.

As a result, people are spending even more time in these spaces. And you know that when you spend a lot of time in the garage, you will probably need a drink or a snack. Sure, you could go to the kitchen and grab a bite. But at most times, this back and forth can feel like a hassle. So what can you do in this case? Should you leave that game of poker and head in for a drink? Well, the good news is that you do not have to as you can install a fridge in your garage. How cool is that! 

Garages have varying temperature ranges. Sometimes, they get unbearably hot, and at other times, they feel frigid. You thus need to invest in an appliance that can bare these changes without consuming tons of energy. Below, you will find some of the best options in this regard and what makes them so unique:


Review of the Best Garage Refrigerators

RCA RFR320 Garage Refrigerator

The 3.2 cu. ft. mini-fridge from RCA is impressively stylish as it is powerful and affordable. It can become a perfect additional element for a small office, kitchen, man cave, den, or playroom. This attractive appliance features a powerful cooling compressor and a freezer that has enough power to keep all your beverages and food at an optimal temperature. You can store your dinner, ice-creams, or snacks in it with no problems. Plus, you will love its handy dispenser on the door if you drink soda. Inside the mini-fridge, there are a couple of durable and adjustable glass shelves for optimal storage conditions. You can easily clean both interior and exterior of this high-quality fridge. Choose how you want your fridge door to open because it is reversible, which means it can be right or left-hinged. 

Apart from being powerful at any outside temperature, the RFR320 model is highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and easy to use, due to in-built temperature control. With its space-saving compact design and adjustable leveling feet, this mini-fridge from RCA is really worth your attention and is ready to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Just place it anywhere you want and it will serve you well for many years!

Blue, Orange, Purple, Red. Stainless Steel and White color options are also available.

Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Garage Refrigerator

Danby is a well-known and trusted manufacturer with a simple vision that produces high-quality mini-fridges improving the lives of their owners and fit their lifestyles. This compact fridge right here can become a great addition to anyone’s home, be it a kitchen, garage, bedroom, or man cave. You can place it almost anywhere due to its compact size. It can also be an office or even a dorm room. 

The mini-fridge features a stylish beverage dispenser and a special compartment for tall bottles. It’s Energy Star compliant and has an automatic defrost function, along with a mechanical thermostat, integrated door handle, and reversible door. No matter if you are left or right-handed person, you can open this fridge in the most convenient way. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching the worktop since it has impressive scratch resistance.

If you are looking for a reliable unit to keep your favorite food and beverages cold at hand, this is a great option!

1.7 cu. ft., 3.2 cu. ft., 4.4 cu. ft. capacity options, along with White and Steel finish options, are also available.

hOmeLabs HME030065N Garage Refrigerator

Now let’s talk about a slightly different fridge, or should we say cooling center? Yes, this 3.2 cu. ft. premium-quality mini-fridge is designed especially for storing beverages, whether it’s soda cans, beer, wine, water, or milk. It features an elegant see-through glass door with a durable metal frame and stylish white LED lighting. 

In fact, this fridge is all about stylish appearance and quality performance. It can chill your drinks to 34F with no problems, which is perfect for drinks that can be placed on three adjustable/removable wire shelves. The mini-fridge is really quiet and has a powerful cooling system that keeps your beverages constantly cold and provides uniform interior temperature

One of the coolest things about this cooler is its advanced temperature control. You have a Set & Forget thermostat with a memory function that allows the fridge to automatically restore the set temperature if it becomes unplugged or there’s a power outage. The inner temperature is displayed on a convenient digital panel, which is very convenient. You can place this compact but spacious (can store up to 120 soda cans) unit under your counter or just put it anywhere you want and it will not steal much space at all.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Garage Refrigerator

This model BLACK+DECKER is a bit smaller than the previous one on the list, which in no case makes it less attractive or powerful. This compact mini-fridge will impress you with it’s freezing performance and silent operation. Yes, the Energy Star-certified BCRK25B model is designed with a full-width freezer, which also has an ice cube tray. Isn’t this great? You can store ice cream and ice there to add in your favorite beverages! It may seem too compact, but somehow, there’s always a bit more inner space in it to store something else.

Apart from the stylish design with a space-saving flat back, you also have an adjustable thermostat and manual defrost. There’s no point to worry if your floor is not smooth enough because the mini-fridge has adjustable leveling legs that allow for perfect leveling.Inside the fridge, there are 2 slide-out wire shelves. The reversible door has a recessed handle, can dispenser for 5 soda cans, a tall bottle compartment which can be a temporary home to a 2l bottle with no problems. All in all, it’s a perfect freezing solution for your garage, college dorm, workshop, or office that will not add any noise and let you do your things while keeping your food and beverages constantly cold.

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Garage Refrigerator

The 3.1 cu. ft. mini-fridge from Midea has a freezer too! And the temperatures are more than satisfying – as low as 32 F for the main interior compartment, and as low as -11.2F in the freezer. This fridge can keep its temperature really freezing, so you can be sure your food and beverages will not go bad. As long as you have electricity, of course. 

The door of this stylish mini-fridge is reversible just like with any other fridge on our today’s list. There’s also a convenient interior lighting for improved comfort and Energy Star certification to save your money on energy bills. 

Inside the fridge, there are two durable slide-out glass shelves for better organization of items and a crisper drawer for fruits or vegetables. The door has built-in beverage holders, which includes a handy dispenser for soda cans and one compartment for 2l bottle. This fridge can also be properly positioned on any uneven floor thanks to its adjustable legs.

Black and White finish options are also available.

EdgeStar CBR1501SLD Garage Refrigerator

Summer is a hot time, and having a trusted fridge by your side will come in handy. You can hand out cold drinks to your friends as you lay by the pool. This fridge boasts of sturdy construction with a stainless steel finish and will, therefore, suit your garage. Thanks to its compact design, it works for tons of spaces including game rooms and man caves. It also looks great and will complement the appearance of your home.

Temperature control is easy, and you will not have trouble with it. There is a convenient push-button that you can use to adjust the settings as you see fit. You can see the readings on the digital display.

Bull Outdoor Products 11001 Garage Refrigerator

While most sturdy fridges work for the garage, not all of them can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Thus, this appliance stands out from many in the market. It works in both indoor and outdoor conditions, thanks to its robust build. You can, therefore, use it in your outdoor kitchen or bar without fear of damage. It is quite compact with a storage capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. Thus, if you are short on space, it will work for your home. Plus, it has tons of ventilation and visibility.

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Garage Refrigerator

If you are looking for elegance in a compact package, this is the fridge for you. It features a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet which is adequate to store drinks and snacks. Plus, the interior is customizable as you see it fit. You can thus store large items in this space with ease. You will love that it consumes minimal energy such that you will incur low utility costs. That means you save money in both the initial purchase and the subsequent maintenance. It is cash you could use in other things such as stocking the fridge with snacks.

The construction of this fridge is top-notch as it features a steel build. Plus, it is resistant to scratches and comes with an integrated door handle. You will love the coverage on the parts, which is sure to give you peace of mind.

RCA RFR320 Garage Refrigerator
RCA RFR320 Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 3.2 Cu. Ft. capacity - Black

Garage Fridges

The term garage fridge may have you thinking that these appliances only come in handy in the garage. But thanks to their versatility, you can install them in other areas such as in your home or camper. As long as the appliance can meet your desired needs, you should be fine. Plus, you get to save tons of money by investing in this kind of fridge. You also get to enjoy reliability. Thus, where your teen wants some space and a refrigerator in tow, this is an ideal option. They can snack on some bites from the fridge. And when they move out to a dorm, they can take the appliance with them.


These fridges are not that big, and this makes them ideal for use in cramped spaces. A standard garage fridge will have a capacity of 3.5 through to 19 cubic feet. It is quite different from what you would get in the standard options whose sizes start at eighteen cubic feet. They come in handy in saving space, and they are great for anyone working with a budget. The smaller sizes with capacities of 3.5 to 5 cubic feet are the most popular. They have heights similar to those of standard countertops, and they do not take up much room. You will find that many brands have invested in these small sizes. As people seek to downsize and embrace tinier spaces, manufacturers have heeded to their wants. You can get a small fridge that opens to reveal a freezing unit as well as a refrigerator area. Where the appliance is small, there will be one door. As the size increases, the number of doors increases, as does the compartments. You thus don’t have to settle on a small size. That is, of course, when you have room to spare. Let’s delve further into these appliances.

What is a garage refrigerator?

This guide has covered what these appliances are suitable for and the best options in the market. But the one thing that it has glazed over is the most critical thing-the definition. What do you picture when you think of a garage fridge? Some people envision practical and small refrigerators suited to garage living. And they are right. These appliances are available in compact sizes which allow them to get installed in small spaces. What’s more, they also work for outdoor spaces. Thus, where you wish to entertain your loved ones with barbecues, these appliances come in handy. They work for a ton of reasons. You could use them to store drinks that you can hand out when the temperatures get unbearable. You could also use them to store frozen food which you can take out and cook as you wish. Some people also rely on them to keep their medicine in controlled conditions. The good thing about them is that they are sturdy. They get built in a manner that enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, if you are one to go camping ever so often, you have a travel companion in this fridge. They are not that different from the conventional fridges as they have similar features. If it is shelves, they have them. If it is door space, they have it. From swinging doors to caddies to full-sized doors, these fridges have it all. Of course, there will be some compromise as to the adjustability of the interior space. But that would be a lot to ask of these handy appliances, given their sizes.

Should you get a garage fridge?

Well, there are many factors to consider. Look at it this way. Space is getting scarce by the day, and people have to find solutions to this evident problem. These fridges help in providing people with storage without cramping up their spaces. So where space is an issue, yes, you should consider getting this fridge. But it comes down to more than that as these appliances have more to offer than space savings. For one, they are available in tons of shapes and sizes. There is nothing as frustrating as a lack of options. Imagine walking into a store, and there is only one model. It leaves you with no choice of product. And the only decision that you have to make is whether to take it with you or not. How sad would that be? Well, with these fridges, that is not an issue. With many manufacturers lining up to provide products to people with limited space, the options are plenty. The only thing that can hinder your choice is the space that you have in your garage. Otherwise, when it comes to options, you will be at a loss of what to choose. And that is the beauty of this market. Sure, these units come with small capacities. But for someone who is not looking to store fresh veggies for the winter, they are great. They can store tons of drinks which can help you be cool for the summer. Your buddies will have you to thank when they keep cool in the hot months. Plus, when you have food leftover, you can keep it in the fridge to avoid wastage. And where your larger fridge cannot hold any more items, the garage fridge will provide the additional space. If you have bought a fridge in the past few years, you have noticed an emphasis on efficiency. Manufacturers are all about energy savings and low utility costs. Getting a new garage fridge puts you in the frontline to enjoy these benefits. With an old appliance, you find that the performance decreases and the bills get higher by the month. So, if you need a new fridge, get one of these. The environment will thank you for it. Other advantages of these fridges are easy meal prep, convenience, and user-friendliness. And the cost, that is one thing that we cannot forget. These appliances are available at fair prices that will not have you breaking the bank. Where you need a fridge and cannot put up the amount required for a conventional appliance, get one of these. It can store drinks, fruits, milk, snacks, and other such items to keep them from going bad.

Selection Process

Remember the part where this guide touched on varying temperature ranges in the garage? Well, that is something that you should not forget when making this investment. You could buy a fridge, only for it to break down or perform poorly. Where this happens, likely, you did not get one suited for use in such ranges. When shopping, keep an eye out for products ready for use in the garage. They should have garage optimization, to put it in the best way possible. Everything about them should scream garage. From the marketing to the specs, it should be clear that they are good to go in such ranges. If you get an indoor fridge in a garage, you can expect issues down the line. Thus, do your research and ensure that you get a product suited to your needs. With that down, you can focus on efficiency, noisiness, warranty, quality, and other such factors. Also, you should create an environment that will help the fridge operate at optimum. All the best in this process!

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