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In recent years, refrigerators with French door configuration have been steadily growing in popularity among consumers. Compared to single-door or side-by-side models, French door refrigerators are much easier to stock thanks to their double door configuration and bottom freezer placement. They also come in a variety of beautiful designs, including black stainless steel finishes and upscale platinum interiors.

Things to Consider

Most top brand French door models perform more or less similarly with a few deviations in certain features, making the search for the right appliance slightly more complicated.

The first step would be outlining your budget and compiling a list of the features that your household prioritizes the most, such as the dietary habits of your family members and the size of your kitchen.


Middle market and top end French door models range from 16 cubic feet to 30 cubic feet of total capacity with varying storage space dedicated to the freezer compartments. Keep in mind that models with average capacity may still require considerable kitchen space.

Freezer type

The majority of French door refrigerators have bottom drawer freezers with either one pull-out compartment or multi-tiered drawers. Some brands outfit their freezers with double swing doors to give the appliance a more uniform look. If you tend to stock large amounts of frozen goods, you may consider looking for models with automatic defrost and frost free functions.

Fresh food cabinet

If the eating habits of your family include frequent restocking of produce and dairy, consider refrigerators with extended interior storage. This includes humidity-controlled crispers, deli pantries, door bins with gallon and dairy sections, exterior produce drawers and through-door water and ice dispensers.

Cooling system

If you plan to stock your refrigerator often and at full capacity, your best pick would be the models with more powerful temperature regulation systems that provide express cooling and freezing functions.

Review of the Best French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF263BEAESG French Door Refrigerator

The Samsung RF263BEAESG is a freestanding refrigerator with 24.6 cubic feet of total capacity and a spacious freezer.

Illuminated by automatic interior LED lights and featuring 5 tempered glass shelves that 2 slide out shelves, 1 flip up, and 1 foldable, this Samsung refrigerator provides ample storage space in the main cabinet without sacrificing the powerful cooling performance.

The door storage features 6 bins with 3 gallon sections for storing larger beverages, while the 2 bottom vegetable & fruit drawers come with humidity control, allowing you to regulate the environment of each drawer to fit the preservation requirements of different products.

Additionally, the CoolSelect Pantry Zone™ lets you adjust the temperature inside the drawer depending on what is being stored in it.

The pantry has three settings: the Fresh mode, Chilled mode, and Deli mode, all of which can be accessed via the control panel on the right side of the drawer. This section is perfect for deli products, pizza, party trays, beverages, and snacks.

With its Twin Cooling Plus™ system, this model is able to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels in the main cabinet and the freezer by keeping the cooling systems separate, this way preventing energy and performance loss.

The Power Cool function allows you to set the temperature between 34°F and 44°F to compensate for temperature loss or make sure easily spoiled produce and dairy are cooled faster. This model uses the Freon™ 134a refrigerant which is ozone friendly and a superior replacement for the R12 refrigerant.

Located under the main cabinet, the bottom freezer drawer comes with 8 cubic feet of capacity and the Power Freeze function that lets you adjust the freezing temperatures between -8°F and 5°F.

If you need to freeze a large number of items, set the Power Freeze 24 hours before you plan to store them. The freezer drawer also features an item divider to help you keep different products from mixing. Interior LED lights illuminate everything clearly for easier stocking.

The slim ice maker is located in the main refrigerating cabinet and is connected to the exterior ice and water dispenser. The dispenser features the electronic control panel with a digital display responsible for the functions of the entire appliance.

As an ENERGY STAR® appliance, the refrigerator consumes only 637 kilowatt hours per year. With its sleek black stainless steel finish, contour door and matching reach-through handles, this Samsung makes for a stylish addition to any kitchen.

GE GFE28HSKSS French Door Refrigerator

The GE GFE28HSKSS is a freestanding refrigerator with a total capacity of 27.8 cubic feet, 9.17 of which are dedicated to the bottom freezing unit. 

Featuring the TwinChill™ temperature management system with Turbo Cool setting and Frost Guard, this GE refrigerator provides even distribution of temperature within the cabinet as well as faster chilling and freezing.

The advanced filtration system is equipped with a RPWFE filter that has an RFID chip to let the appliance read system data. Replaceable and NSF-certified, these GE filters are able to remove traces of pharmaceuticals from your refrigerator’s water supply.

The main cabinet features 5 glass shelves with silver trimming, including 3 spill proof and 4 split adjustable shelves. The door comes with 6 door bins, 2 of which are adjustable and 3 feature gallon storage sections. There are 3 fresh food drawers with one full-width temperature adjustable drawer and 2 with adjustable humidity.

Mounted on adjustable rollers, the bottom freezer drawer offers 2 full-width storage baskets, efficient interior LED lights, and the Turbo Freeze function that allows you to freeze food items faster as well as balance out the temperature difference.

This is a stainless steel model with contoured doors, removable gaskets, matching chrome handles, and large color-matched through-door dispenser for ice and water.

The exterior dispenser delivers both cubes and crushed ice as well as filtered water, while also featuring the electronic control panel with digital temp display, door alarm, and indicator lights.

This is a WiFi capable, ENERGY STAR® certified and ADA compliant refrigerator with the Star K certification and Sabbath mode.

LG Electronics LMXS30776S French Door Refrigerator

The LG LMXS30776S is a super capacity refrigerator with 29.7 cubic feet of total storage, including 8.80 cubic feet of freezer space and 3.80 cubic feet of custom drawer space.

By adding more storage in the right door section for easy access to your favorite snacks and beverages, this model implements the Door-in-Door® technology to minimize temperature loss by at least 47%.

The exterior ice and water dispenser, located on the left door side, is connected to the interior Slim SpacePlus® ice system that makes as much as 3.8 pounds of ice daily while taking up less space inside the cabinet, allowing for more interior shelf storage.

With 4 Spill Protector™ tempered glass shelves, one folding Glide N’ Access™ shelf, and 8 door bins, this LG refrigerator allows you to store a great variety of products in all types of containers and kitchenware.

The door storage also includes 5 gallon sized sections, a dairy corner, 2 EasyReach™ and 2 half-width bins done in clear, opaque, and silver deco designs.

Under the cabinet shelving you may find the Glide N’ Serve™ drawer, 2 humidity-controlled crisper bins, and one neat bonus drawer for small food items and snacks. All of the interior storage remains clearly visible whenever you open the doors thanks to premium LED lighting installed in the ceiling and on the side.

Located below the refrigerator compartment, the CustomChill® drawer is designed for storing various snacks, drinks, and frozen meals that you plan to prepare in the nearest future. The drawer features 4 temperature-adjustable compartments, allowing you to set each compartment to a different level that can be colder or warmer than the temperature inside the main refrigerator cabinet.

There are 4 settings: 29˚F for meat and seafood, 33˚F for cooling drinks, 37˚F for deli snacks, and 42˚F for keeping the wine chilled. The CustomChill® drawer should not be used for long-term freezing.

The pull-out bottom freezer drawer with the solid DuraBase™ drawer bottom and premium LED lighting features 3 tiered compartments for safe storage of different frozen foods and beverages.

The powerful cooling system is supported by the inverter linear compressor, dual evaporator, as well as Smart Cooling Plus and the Multi Air Flow technologies.

The air filtration is able to deliver purified air through its fresh filters of the LT120F line, while the water filtration system uses LT800P filters and supplies the exterior ice and water dispenser as well as the slim SpacePlus® ice maker.

The dispenser also features touch controls with 8 sensors and a digital display. Other control functions include the door alarm, remote SmartDiagnosis™, auto closing door, and child lock.

With its double-coated stainless steel finish, matching reach-through handles, contour door, and hidden hinges, this LG refrigerator not only brings smooth contemporary style to your kitchen but also proves to be highly practical in usage.

Additionally, this is an ENERGY STAR® certified and ADA compliant model equipped with the LoDecibel™ system for a quiet and smooth operation.

Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ French Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ is a freestanding 4-door refrigerator with 24.5 cubic feet of total capacity and automatic defrost function.

The main refrigerating cabinet features an interior water filter, 5 spacious shelves, 6 door bins with a dairy corner and gallon storage, and 2 half-width humidity-controlled crispers for produce preservation.

With its additional exterior pantry drawer and pull-out bottom freezer drawer, this Whirlpool refrigerator is able to maintain separate cooling intensity within the compartments while ensuring consistent temperature inside the main cabinet.

The refrigerated pantry drawer allows you to store produce and deli goods separately and effectively due to built-in item dividers and adjustable temperature controls.

Meanwhile, the 2-tier freezer comes with a full-width upper wire basket and a full-width lower plastic basket able to hold 6.73 cubic feet worth of frozen goods.

On the left side of the door, the exterior dispenser is installed with direct connection to the ice maker and interior filtration system. Equipped with calming LED lights to provide ambient illumination at night, the dispenser delivers filtered water with measured fill, crushed and cubed ice, door alarm and the child lock function. 

The advanced foam insulation of this model may significantly lower its carbon footprint while at the same time delivering ENERGY STAR® certified energy performance.

The smooth stainless steel door with hidden hinges matches the overall fingerprint resistant finish and reach-through handles, making this Whirlpool refrigerator suitable for all modern kitchens and culinary settings.

KitchenAid KRMF706ESS French Door Refrigerator

The KitchenAid KRMF706ESS is a freestanding 5-door refrigerator with the Preserva® food care system and platinum interior design.

The total capacity amounts to 25.8 cubic feet, with the main section taking 18.15 cubic feet of space. The space is dedicated to 5 adjustable spill proof shelves, 4 door bins, 2 half-width humidity-controlled crispers with SatinGlide® rollers and the Herb Tender™ supplementary container for greens and herbs.

The 3-tier freezer drawer is fully extendable, featuring separate compartments and an extra pocket for pizza, providing the overall capacity of 7.61 cubic feet. This is an environmentally-friendly model with the automatic defrost function that can save you the need to remove the frost manually.

The exterior ice and water dispenser is connected to the large ice maker located on the inner side of the door. In combination, they provide easier access to cubed or crushed ice and filtered water which could be measure filled.

In addition to dispenser controls, the digital panel features main temp adjusters, door alarm, and control lock. The Sabbath mode is also available.

Under the main cabinet, the 2 soft-close exterior drawers, supported by 2 separate cooling systems, offer refrigeration with 5 temperature settings: meat/fish, drinks, greens/herbs, deli/cheese, and thaw/marinate.

While the integrated FreshFlow™ air filter reduces odors inside the compartments, the right drawer features the Produce Preserver system that extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

The main function of the Produce Preserver is to slow down the ripening process by absorbing ethylene contained in many produce products. For better preservation, it is recommended to separate your food based on the amount of ethylene they produce and place them in corresponding temperature conditions.

With its textured cabinet finish and stainless steel exterior that combines sleek door design and satin-textured handles, this KitchenAid refrigerator creates a smooth premium feeling during every single restocking.

Cafe CYE22TP2MS1 French Door Refrigerator

The Café CYE22TP2MS1 is a freestanding refrigerator with WiFi connectivity and a hot water dispenser system.

WIth a total capacity of 22.2 cubic feet, including the 7.16 cubic feet of freezer space, this Café refrigerator is able to Turbo cool a wide range of products, from frozen goods to condiments and dairy.

The main cabinet features 5 glass shelves with silver trimming, with 4 adjustable, 3 spill proof, and one quick space shelf. The door storage has 8 bins, including the dairy compartment, egg basket, condiment pocket, and drop down tray.

In addition, the 3 fresh food drawers are humidity-controlled and temperature-adjustable. Aside from the showcase interior lights, the dedicated crisper LED lights are also installed to make produce stocking easier.

The pull-out bottom freezer drawer features 2 full-width baskets with TwinChill™ evaporators and the Frost Guard function. For more storage flexibility, the freezer compartments are divided by separators and can fit various pre-prepared meals, pizza boxes, frozen goods, and other long-term preservation products.

The large stainless steel dispenser is located on the left side of the French door, connecting to the in-door space-saving ice maker. In addition to cubes, crushed ice, and filtered water with precise fill, the dispenser can deliver hot water by turning on the integrated heater.

As an appliance with advanced filtration system, this Café uses RPWFE filters that can remove traces of pharmaceuticals from the water supply and also connect to the main refrigerator system.

By featuring main controls on the dispenser panel, this model allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the working parameters of your appliance. The console comes with sensor-based LCD touch screen and 7 additional pads, while the ambient dispenser lights provide soft illumination during nighttime.

The Built-in WiFi connect system allows you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your Café refrigerator using your smartphone or tablet. This ENERGY STAR® certified model is also Sabbath mode capable and ADA compliant

With its removable door gaskets, brushed stainless steel finish, and color-matched reach-through handles, this Café is a perfect example of smooth and minimalist modern design suitable for contemporary kitchens.

Maytag MFI2570FEZ French Door Refrigerator

The Maytag MFI2570FEZ is a freestanding French door refrigerator with 24.7 cubic feet of total capacity and automatic defrost function.

By giving 18 cubic feet to the main refrigerator cabinet, this model provides storage for a variety of items that can be arranged on 5 cabinet shelves, inside 6 door bins with dairy compartment, or in the Wide-N-Fresh™ deli drawer designed for serving platters with snacks and deli products.

There are also 2 humidity-controlled FreshLock™ crispers that allow you to adjust humidity levels for extending the freshness of different produce items. In addition, the factory-installed ice maker creates appropriate amounts of ice for all your needs.

Connected to the ice maker, the exterior dispenser delivers filtered water as well as crushed or cubed ice. The top dispenser panel features responsive electronic controls and a digital display that indicates temperature levels and features status lights for control lock and water filter replacement indicators. Moreover, the dispenser is equipped with LED lights for soft nighttime illumination.

The 2-tier bottom freezer drawer can be fully pulled out and features 2 full-width compartments for storing a wide range of frozen foods.

The set-point range for the freezer is -5°F to 5°F, though you could enlist the help of the PowerCold® function that cools the freezer compartments and the main cabinet faster during high capacity use or to compensate for warmer room temperatures.

This is an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator that consumes only 508 kilowatt hours per year. With its fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, smooth door, and matching reach-through handles, this Maytag refrigerator has the sleek look of a powerful modern appliance suitable for all kitchen spaces.

Frigidaire FFHB2750TS French Door Refrigerator

The Frigidaire FFHB2750TS is a freestanding refrigerator with 26.8 cubic feet of total capacity and a superior filtration.

Supported by the Even Temp™ cooling system with a dynamic condenser, this Frigidaire refrigerator ensures even distribution of cold air inside both the main cabinet and the freezer.

With 18.1 cubic feet of storing capacity, the main cabinet features a set of Store-More™ glass shelves, 6 door bins with gallon storage and a dairy compartment, a spacious deli drawer, and 2 humidity-controlled crispers.

The pantry drawer is best for preserving deli meats, cheese, and beverages, while the door section provides removable modular bins best suited for jars, cans, bottles, and beverage containers. In addition to the ice maker located in the fresh food section, you have the option of installing the second ice maker inside the freezer.

Mounted on Effortless™ glide rollers, the bottom freezer drawers offer 8.7 cubic feet of space distributed within 2 compartments that help you sort all items by type with the help of adjustable dividers. The freezer is equipped with LED lights to ensure a more comfortable storing experience.

The exterior dispenser comes with a single paddle and delivers filtered water, crushed ice and ice cubes. The Express-Select® appliance controls are located on the top panel of the dispenser, allowing for easy and efficient temperature selection and status monitoring.

In addition to temperature and humidity controls, this model also offers the Sabbath mode setting and NSF-certified advanced filtration. The PureSource Ultra® II filters are able to remove up to 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from the water supplied to the refrigerator’s system.

This stainless steel model comes with a tall door design and matching reach-through handles, with the flush dispenser configuration and sleek outer coating. The appliance is also ENERGY STAR® certified.

Bosch B26FT50SNS French Door Refrigerator

The Bosch B26FT50SNS is a freestanding refrigerator with 25 cubic feet of total capacity and powerful cooling.

Featuring 5 spill-proof tempered glass shelves, 2 humidity-controlled crisper drawers, a full-width deli drawer, and adjustable door bins, the main refrigerator cabinet offers 17.2 cubic feet of space able to fit a wide range of goods.

Some split shelves are also adjustable, while the door bins include gallon storage, butter and cheese compartments, a can bin, and an egg tray.

The ice maker is designed to take up less space, and the exterior dispenser delivers filtered water, crushed ice, and ice cubes, all at a simple touch of a button. The control panel also includes a digital temperature display, control lock, various status indicators such the visual and audible door alarm.

The bottom drawer freezer can be temperature-adjusted and features 2 drawers with item dividers and efficient LED lighting. Moreover, the NoFrost technology minimizes the accumulation of frost, saving you the need to defrost your freezer manually.

The refrigerator cabinet is supported by the MultiAirFlow™ cooling system that promotes circulation inside the compartment, distributing cool air evenly and extending the freshness of produce and easily spoiled foods.

The performance is further enhanced with powerful cooling functions such as the SuperCool® feature that helps preserve newly bought food and the SuperFreeze® feature that prevents the frozen goods from thawing as it rapidly cools the compartments and maintains consistent temperatures. Additionally, the Quick Ice function supplies ice for the ice maker much faster, always delivering fresh batches on time.

With its easily cleaned stainless steel finish, SteelTouch® dispenser controls and quiet sound package, this ENERGY STAR® certified Bosch refrigerator adds a smooth modern vibe to your kitchen while ensuring a silent operation of 44 dBA.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2868TF French Door Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2868TF is a freestanding refrigerator with 26.8 cubic feet of total capacity and 8.7 cubic feet of freezer space.

By employing the Store-More™ shelving system, the main refrigerator cabinet provides over 100 configuration possibilities for more storage versatility. This includes adjustable flip-up shelves, a clear dispenser bin, 2 adjustable gallon door bins, 2 clear fixed door bins, and even bottle retainers. 

In addition, the bottom of the cabinet has 2 clear crispers mounted on Effortless™ glide rollers, allowing you to store produce for much longer due to the CrispSeal™ technology and humidity controls. Similarly, the full-width Cool Zone™ drawer safely preserves deli products such as meats, cheese, finger food, party snacks and beverages.

The Effortless™ glide freezer drawer is fully extendable and features a sizeable compartment with adjustable item dividers to help you keep frozen goods from mixing. As a frost free model, the freezer removes interior humidity and prevents frost from accumulating.

To achieve more effective cooling, the Even Temp™ technology makes sure the air inside the cabinet is distributed evenly and extends the freshness of produce as well as the storage life of deli goods.

The superior filtration system uses the PureSource Ultra® II water filters that can remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from your water supply, while the PureAir Ultra® filter can purify in-chamber air and improve preservation efficiency.

The exterior dispenser delivers filtered water, cubed ice and crushed ice. It also comes with the ExpressSelect® console that makes controlling your appliance more accessible. Additional control features include water filter and air filter indicator lights, temperature adjusters, and the quick freeze option.

To make sure all items are always visible, the multi-level LED lighting is installed in both the main cabinet and the freezer to illuminate all compartments.

This Frigidaire Gallery is ENERGY STAR® and StarK® certified, while the combination of smudge proof stainless steel finish, the flush single paddle dispenser, and reach-through handles gives the appliance a smooth modern look designed to complement any kitchen.

Haier HRQ16N3BGS French Door Refrigerator

The Haier HRQ16N3BGS is a freestanding French door refrigerator with a double door freezer and automatic defrost.

The 16.4 cubic feet of total capacity is divided between the main refrigerator and the freezer, with the main cabinet housing 11.1 cubic feet and the freezer offering 5.3 cubic feet.

Featuring 2 clear high and low humidity crispers, 3 full-width tempered glass shelves, and 6 adjustable encapsulated door bins, the main cabinet allows you to store a great variety of products, from dairy and greens to condiments and deli goods, all without experiencing any loss in temperature.

Located under the main cabinet, the freezer features 2 swing doors and efficient LED lights for easier loading and unloading of frozen foods. The interior is equipped with 2 sliding drawers and 4 sliding bins, all of which are designed to maximize storage capacity.

In addition to temperature and humidity controls, the Quick Cool and Quick Freeze functions allow you to cool or freeze your products much faster in order to avoid spoilage and prevent temperature loss inside all compartments. The Sabbath mode is also available.

Located on the right side of the French door, sensor-based touch display provides quick and effortless control of all appliance features while also allowing you to monitor temperature levels and function status.

The stainless steel finish, curved door design, and four center pocket handles create a sleeker, more modern look, making this Haier refrigerator a great fit for any contemporary kitchen.

Thor Kitchen HRF3602BS French Door Refrigerator

The Thor Kitchen HRF3602BS is a 4-door counter depth refrigerator with 22.5 cubic feet of total capacity and a double drawer freezer.

Equipped with LED lights, the refrigerator compartment is automatically illuminated when you open the doors, making sure all items are clearly visible. With its 16 cubic feet of interior capacity, the main cabinet features 6 shelves, 6 door bins with gallon storage, and 2 humidity-controlled crisper drawers to help you keep your produce and greens fresh for longer periods of time.

Both freezer drawers are fully extendable, featuring a total of 4 baskets and an automatic column ice maker located in the left side of the top drawer.

Located inside the main cabinet on the top panel, digital temperature controls allow you to adjust cooling levels inside both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The console also features a door alarm, helping you prevent the loss of temperature.

The black stainless steel finish comes with hidden handles and create a sleeker look, making sure the lines of your kitchen design remain smooth and uninterrupted.

Samsung RF263BEAESG French Door Refrigerator

24.6 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless

In Conclusion

What is a French door refrigerator?

French door style refrigerators differ by their door construction, typically featuring double swing doors in the main section and a bottom freezer. The freezer can be of single drawer and double drawer design as well as various swing door configurations. This refrigerator design is highly efficient since it puts you at an eye level with most shelves, door bins, and drawers located in the main cabinet.

What is the best French door refrigerator?

Different French door refrigerators perform best in different applications and settings.That said, one of the best overall French door models is considered to be the GE GFE28HSKSS. As for the best large and best compact models, your top choices would be the LG LMXS30776S and Haier HRQ16N3BGS respectively.

Do French door refrigerators have more problems?

All refrigerator configurations come with their pros and cons, and the French door models are no exception. It would be a stretch to call the French door design the most trouble-ridden since it offers plenty of benefits over side-by-sides and single-doors. However, one of the common downsides of French door models is their size. These appliances tend to be slightly bulkier and require more swing space for their double doors to fully open. They can also be less energy-efficient than single-door or compact refrigerators, although most French door models made by top brands tend to be ENERGY STAR® qualified. So even with all the extra features and functions, energy-certified French door refrigerators may consume reasonable amounts of energy even compared to standard or side-by-side models.

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