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Are you thinking of investing in a French door fridge? If yes, you are not alone. Over time, these appliances have grown in popularity, owing to their benefits. For one, they come with double doors. This opening technique makes them versatile, which appeals to people hoping to add a twist to their kitchens. They also look great and are sure to complement the décor of your kitchen.

Additionally, they have tons of storage options, which is excellent for people who regularly stock up on food. Plus, they keep evolving in that they get more features with time. It is for these reasons that many people are angling to have these appliances in their homes. And if you are thinking of getting one, welcome on board!

Which Brand of Refrigerator is the Most Reliable?

In this guide, we will cover the basics regarding these appliances as we delve into the most popular products at present. You probably have a clue as to what brands rank highest when it comes to French door fridges. LG, Samsung, Haier, and their likes have long been known to be reputable companies. And when it comes to these fridges, they do not disappoint. So sit back and get ready to absorb tons of information regarding your impending investment.

Why Get a French Door Fridge?

One thing that you will notice with most fridges is that you tend to forget about the food in them. You will enjoy a hearty meal and decide to leave some of the leftovers in the refrigerator. Over time, you forget about them, and they go to waste. By the time you reach them, they are no longer appealing to your palate. And you thus end up wasting a lot of food.

With a French door fridge, you will ever be at eye level with most of the food items. As a result, it is highly unlikely that you would forget about those pizza pieces you left over last night. You can see the crisper drawers and the shelves upon opening the fridge. And you have easy access to the food items. In this way, you can reach out and grab the leftovers first before indulging in other foods. 

Also, these appliances have organized storage options. You will find that though a fridge may have limited capacity, you can customize the interior to fit as much food as you want. You thus end up enjoying tons of storage even when you are working with a small space. These options are, therefore, ideal for people who love to entertain as well as people with families. The bins can hold large containers, and you can rearrange the shelves as you see fit. This feature is common in all of the products reviewed in this guide. 

Additionally, you will find that these fridges boast of optimal humidity and temperature control. In this way, you can provide food items with conditions that will ensure that they will not go bad. Plus, the products featured below have spill-proof shelves. As such, you can easily contain messes when they take place and reduce the work at hand.

With all these and more benefits, you can see why people are embracing these appliances with glee.

How Much do French Door Fridges Cost?

Once you start looking for a French door fridge, you will realize that they do not come cheap. In most cases, they will set you back about one thousand five hundred to three thousand dollars. It is thus a hefty investment that requires that you do the necessary due diligence. In this guide, we will focus on fridges that will not cost you more than two thousand dollars. While you may be working with a budget, there is no reason that you should compromise on quality. As such, you will find that all the models boast of features that are sure to leave you impressed. That said, let us get into some of the best options within this price range and what they have in store for you:

Review of the Best French Door Refrigerators Under 2000

Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

This fridge serves many a purpose as it also features an ice and water dispenser. You will especially enjoy this feature in the hot months when temperatures can become unbearable. Plus, it does away with the need for bottled water as it can filter household water. The exterior refrigerated drawer enables you to keep items that you often use within reach. In this way, you can grab a quick bite on your way out without having to reach deep into the fridge. While this appliance may look sophisticated, it is easy to use and will not give you trouble in this regard.

Samsung RF263BEAESR French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

Where you have a large family or enjoy entertaining guests in your home, you require a fridge that can keep up with the food demands. This fridge would be an ideal purchase in this regard.

It features a spacious interior of twenty-five cubic feet and will help you stock up in readiness for huge gatherings. The location of food is a breeze owing to its bright lighting. Plus, thanks to its cooling plus technology, you can look forward to keeping your food fresh for long.

That means that you won’t have to head to the market ever so often.

Another feature you will love is the water and ice dispenser. It churns out filtered ice and water, helping you stay hydrated and fresh in the hot months. It can make as much as ten pounds of ice per day.

Frigidaire FFHB2750TS French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

As much as people want fridges with high capacities, they do not wish to incur high costs in the pursuit of the same. These costs can result from the initial purchase or subsequent maintenance practices. Where a fridge consumes a lot of energy, you find that you use a lot of money on utility bills. And if you had saved money in the initial purchase, you end up using the savings on energy. With this fridge, this will not be a concern as it has an energy star qualification.

Though it has a large capacity, its energy consumption is on the low, which is excellent for anyone working with a budget.

Other than its substantial energy savings, this fridge also boasts of a huge size. As such, you can store tons of goods at a go. With a capacity of 26.8 cubic feet, you will have what you need to stock up for the holidays. It comes with a full-width drawer that comes in handy, especially for people who are all about neatness. Additionally, it features two crisper drawers and sizeable door bins.

GE GNE25JSKSS French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

If you want a fridge that boasts of a ton of features, this is the appliance for you. First off, it features a capacity of 24.8 cubic feet, which is quite big. It thus allows you to stock up on food without running out of space. Secondly, it comes in a stainless steel finish which assures you of high-quality and durability.

You will thus not be heading back to the store soon.If anything, all you will need is some servicing some time down the line. And the warranty will be proof of this.

Thirdly, it comes with an icemaker. Thus, when you get this fridge, you do not need to invest in an icemaker as it can make several pounds of ice each day. Think of how that will work in your favor during summer. Fourthly, it features LED lighting. Something is gratifying about peeking into the fridge and not having to squint as you reach for your favorite snack. Plus, the interior looks fantastic, thanks to the lighting. It also helps to note that it comes with an advanced filtration system that ensures that you get freshwater and ice.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

When getting a new appliance for the home, you will often think of how it will work with your décor. It will not matter how big or small the appliance is. The one thing that is for sure is that one wrong purchase can mess with the theme that you have in mind. It thus helps when you invest in a fridge with a counter-depth design, which gives you a streamlined look. With this appliance, everything will blend in, and not a thing will feel out of place. So, if you want something that will look great and whose price is right, this is it.

It features a capacity of 21.7 cubic feet, which is adequate for most people. People who love entertaining can also benefit from this storage capacity, as it features organized drawers. Thus, you can customize the space to fit your foods, regardless of their sizes.

Energy star certification is a factor that stands out in this fridge. In this age where we are more conscious of the impact that we have on the environment, this is a huge factor. You will appreciate that it will not run up your utility costs and you can thus play your part in environmental conservation.

As they say, it is the little things that matter-turning off the tap when it is not in use, switching off the lights during the day, and investing in this fridge.

Maytag MFI2570FEZ French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

Sometimes, keeping the outside of the fridge as clean as the inside is not possible. If you have children, it may feel next to impossible as they will leave smudges and fingerprints all over the surface. With this fridge, you can finally embrace a clean and elegant look. It owes to its resistance to smudges and fingerprints. Keeping the outside looking clean calls for a wipe-down with a damp cloth and it will look as good as new. The interior also stays clean as the shelves can contain spills. Thus, where someone makes a mess, the cleanup should be easy.

This cleanliness appeals to people with kids as well as people with large families. There is always a mess that needs cleaning, and not having to deal with the fridge is a blessing.

This fridge features heavy-duty construction, and it will last you for many years. It comes with a ten-year warranty on parts including the compressor. This kind of coverage shows you how reliable this machine is. Everything feels sturdy from the shelves to the stainless steel handles. Thus, if you are looking to invest your hard-earned money in a sure thing, how about this?

KitchenAid KRFC300ESS French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

Do you know what causes fruits and vegetables to over ripen? Well, it all comes down to ethylene gas which they release over time. With this gas in circulation, they get riper than they should be, and they, therefore, end up going bad. This fridge works to remove this gas, ensuring that your fruits and vegetables remain fresh. That is one of its most impressive factors. So if you wish to avoid heading to the market ever so often, this is an excellent fridge for you.

Also, foods require to be in an optimal environment where you wish to protect their taste and texture. It is thus essential that you look into the temperatures in which they are. With this fridge, the controls are easy, and you can adjust them as you see fit. Additionally, you also have control as to the humidity levels.

With these factors under control, there is no reason why your food should go bad.

You will love the counter-depth design that enables you to achieve a built-in look. In this way, the fridge can blend in with other appliances in the room and complement your décor. Additionally, you get to enjoy LED lighting, which makes it easy to locate food items on various levels.

Haier HRQ16N3BGS French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

Aside from being unique, it features a ton of storage space. You can organize your items as you see fit thanks to the adjustable shelves. What’s more, it comes in a counter-depth design that makes it work with the theme of any room. Plus, it complements the look of your kitchen. 

The humidity-controlled crispers are ideal for people who love to stock up on leafy greens.

You can rest assured that the veggies will not lose their texture of flavor while in storage. And when you serve them, people will think you got them fresh from the garden.

The lighting makes the location of items easy, and it also adds to the beauty of the interior. You will be happy to know that running this fridge will not heighten your utility costs. Instead, it works on reducing power consumption thanks to its energy star rating. Furthermore, it features quick cool and quick freeze options that come in handy when you are in a hurry.

LG Electronics LFCS22520D French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

When working with a small space, there is always the question of how much you are willing to sacrifice. For one, you will have to compromise on the size of the fridge as you cannot get a sizeable option. Also, you will end up with an appliance that cannot hold many items at a go. But that is not to say that you also need to compromise on style. With this fridge, you can have your cake and eat it. Sure, you may have to go shopping more than once each month, but the look of your kitchen will not suffer. It comes in an elegant design that is sure to boost the aesthetics of your home. And though it may not have the largest capacity in the market, it makes up for this through compartments. The smart organization enables you to have more goods than you would have thought possible. From the door bins to the adjustable shelves, everything works in favor of you having tons of storage space. In the end, you do not end up compromising as it is a win-win situation everywhere you look-not to mention the affordable pricing!

And that’s not all. This fridge also boasts of massive energy savings owing to its energy star certification. You should thus note that your bills will not soar upon investing in this appliance. And when summer comes, you will be quite merry. With a constant supply of ice headed your way, why would you not be?

KitchenAid KRFF300ESS French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

Where you have a small kitchen, you may find that your best bet lies in getting a top-freezer refrigerator. Luckily for you, there is this option. It features French doors that open with a narrow swing. The movement is quite similar to what you would get if you were to operate a side by side fridge. You will thus not cramp up your space and will get something sure to catch one’s eye at first glance.

This fridge is well-built and features a modern look that will blend in with your décor. And it is not only beautiful on the outside but also the inside. In it, you will find LED lighting that beautifully illuminates the interior. It helps with aesthetics as well as the location of food items. A full-width pantry drawer in place comes in handy in helping keep the food items within reach. It also ensures that they stay fresh such that they do not lose their texture or flavor.

Are you concerned about the environment? As each day passes, more documentaries get made as to the destruction taking place across the globe. They educate people on how they can make a difference in a small way. And your small way could be in investing in an environmentally friendly fridge, such as this appliance. It does not consume much energy and will thus not increase your utility costs.

Among the features that you will love are the simple electronic controls, the interior water dispensers, and the humidity control. And there is much more waiting for you once you take this leap.

Editor's Choice

Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ French Door Refrigerator Under 2000

The Selection Process

You will find that French door fridges come in a practical layout that works for many uses. You could be catering to a large family or stocking up in readiness for the holidays. Either way, the design would work for you. Plus, they fit in most kitchens and complement the looks of the same. As such, they are quite popular.

If you are looking for a fridge, it could mean a lot of things. For some people, it is venturing into new territory by investing in a new model. For others, it is a matter of urgency as their appliance has broken down. Whatever the reason behind your purchase, you should conduct due diligence. Find out what a fridge has to offer you by considering a few factors:


Sure, you are getting a French door fridge for under two thousand dollars, and that’s a great deal. However, it is still a hefty amount to spend on an appliance that could break down months after the initial purchase. Worse still, it could be in operation yet performing poorly. Remember that preservation is the most critical aspect of any fridge. Leave alone the fancy features that adorn these appliances and focus on what is essential. Can you adjust the temperature? Do you have control over the humidity levels? How well does the fridge cool? All these factors will affect how well the refrigerator operates and how satisfied you will be with the purchase.


Yes, these fridges look beautiful, and they add vibrancy to kitchen spaces. Where you are not working with a cutout, you can get any size that will work with your kitchen. However, where you are working with a cutout, you should ensure that you get the dimensions right. Else, you could end up with a fridge that is either too big or too small for the gap. Remember that you should have some inches for the refrigerator to have adequate air circulation. Failure to consider this spacing could have you investing in an appliance that you would have to return. On this note, you should also consider the design of the fridge? Is it counter depth, or is it not? Note that this aspect will depend on what you wish to achieve in your kitchen. Where you want to have a given style, you should look into the depth measurement. Other essential factors include capacity, efficiency fit, and finish. From here, you can consider the added features and how they could work in your favor. All the best!

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