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You could need a compact refrigerator freezer combo for a ton of reasons. Maybe you are working with a small space that cannot accommodate a large fridge. It could be that you don’t have many items to store in the refrigerator. Or maybe you want to update the look of your kitchen.

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

The Midea Group has made a name for itself when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality refrigerators. This compact fridge from their line is an excellent option for anyone working with a small space. It works for nurseries, dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices and other such areas. Where you have limited storage needs or are working with a small space, this fridge will be ideal. You will love that it has a separate freezing compartment. In this way, you can preserve foods that would go bad in the fridge.

Its simple design adds to the beauty of your space. Plus, it makes installation easy. Where the ground is uneven, you can take advantage of the adjustable legs. The fridge can, thus, stay balanced. The door comes with a seal that ensures that the food remains safe and does not fall out. You will love that the fridge comes with a reversible door. You can thus open it in either way, which works for anyone looking to save on space.

The shelves feature an orderly arrangement. There is a beverage shelf dedicated to the storage of beverage cans. The tall bottle storage makes the storage of large bottles easy. Glass shelves on the inside aid in visibility and are easy to clean. And on top of all this, there is a vegetable crisper where you can store fruits and vegetables.

Kenmore 99059 Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

This fridge is available in a compact design. It thus works for people with small spaces as well as those who do not have considerable storage needs. Though it has a small size, it has a generous capacity. You can thus store as many goods as you would like. Plus, you can place it under a counter where you wish to save on space. It also works for small indoor areas such as nurseries and bedrooms.

It comes in four colors. You are thus able to choose a hue that can work with your décor. Inside, you will find organized shelves. The door can hold bottles and cans, leaving the shelves for other food items. Plus, the shelves are adjustable, based on the size of the items that you wish to store. Controlling the temperature is easy, thanks to the user-friendly thermostat. You can thus set the conditions in which the food items will be in a matter of minutes. What’s more, there is a full-width freezing compartment for frozen goods.

RCA RFR836 Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

This fridge features a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, which is adequate for people with minimal storage needs. It comes in a stainless steel black finish, which adds to the beauty of any space. Plus, it is spacious and enables you to store your favourite snacks and drinks within reach. Thanks to its small size, you can fit it in small spaces such as dorm rooms and nurseries. And the reversible door gives you a variety of options as to how you can install this appliance. The freezer compartment features an ice cube tray that allows you to stock up on ice cubes. On top of all this, it is energy efficient. Thus, it will not run up your utility costs.

EdgeStar CRF321SS Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

This fridge comes in a stainless steel finish, which works with any décor. Thus, no matter where you place it, it will be a welcome addition. The back surface is flat, and you can accordingly place this appliance up against a wall. In this way, you can save on space while leaving adequate room for ventilation. In the fridge, you will find removable shelves which you can organize as you please.

Additionally, there are door bins that can hold both small and large items. The freezer compartment also has door bins for added storage options. The door opens in either direction, which works great for small spaces.

It comes with an automatic defrost function, which ensures that the ice buildup is not too much. You will find a thermostat that allows you to control the internal temperatures. In this way, the food items can get the conditions that they need. And you no longer have to worry about food going bad.

COSTWAY 22672BK-CYEP Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

With many small fridges, you find that the freezer compartments are small. In most cases, they are at the back of the refrigerator, and you cannot rely on them for the storage of many items. That is not the case with this compact fridge as the freezer lies in a separate section.

It comes with a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, which includes the storage of both sections. Compared to a mini-fridge, this is quite big. As such, it can work for anyone looking to store drinks, snacks, meds and other items used often. As much as it has a large capacity, it will not take up much room. For people trying to save on space, this would be an ideal option.

The arrangement of this fridge will please you. The shelves are such that you can move them as needed. At the bottom, you will find a bin where you can store fruits and veggies. And on the sides of the fridge are compartments for drinks.

Haier HC32TW10SV Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

With this compact fridge, you are sure to keep your snacks and drinks in cold conditions. Plus, thanks to the freezing compartment, you can stock up on frozen items. The 3.2 storage capacity allows you to store several grocery bags in the fridge. And the simple temperature controls ensure that you can set the right conditions for the foods.

In the fridge, you will find a can dispenser, which works great for people stocking up on refreshing summer drinks. Additionally, there is a shelf space that you can adjust as needed. In this way, you can store both large and small items at a go. Furthermore, there is adequate light for added visibility to access the food items with ease.

hOmeLabs HME030210N Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

If you want a fridge packed with tons of features, this is a great option. It features a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, which is adequate for anyone with a small space. Here, you can store drinks, snacks, fruits and veggies. Plus, there is a user-friendly thermostat which you can use to regulate the conditions. There are three settings- maximum, medium and minimum. With these controls, you can choose what is best for your food. The freezing chamber is at the top, and you can use it to make ice for the hot months.

Magic Chef HMDR310SE Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo

Suppose you are heading off to college and need a reliable, compact fridge, this is a good option. It has a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, which allows you to enjoy tons of storage options. For one, there is a can dispenser in which you can keep cold drinks. Secondly, there are door shelves that allow you to store frequently used items within reach. And thirdly, there are glass shelves. These are easy to clean, and they allow you visibility to items in the fridge.

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Midea WHD-113FSS1 Compact Refrigerator Freezer Combo
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When getting a fridge with a freezer, you can get overwhelmed by all the choices in the market. When this happens, you can get tempted to take up the best deals in the market, price-wise. However, this is not advisable as you could end up forgoing high-quality features in the name of a budget. You should look into the performance of the fridge. For example, refrigerators that use pressurized coolants as opposed to drawing air across coils are the better options. Also, think of how the fridge will work for your space. Where the fridge has a reversible door, you can open it from either side. You thus have more options when it comes to versatility. And this works for both left and right-handed people. The space available is also of importance. You will know how much space is available by looking at the cubic feet. This measurement will help you understand how much you can store in the fridge at a go. You should also consider how much space the refrigerator will need. In this way, you can figure out if it can work for your home. The arrangement of the interior also matters. Figure out how many shelves, drawers and bins it has. Moreover, understand if you can adjust the space as needed to make way for large items. One thing that you should not forget is the adjustability of the temperature. Without control over the conditions, the items in the fridge can end up going bad. The adjustability of the legs also matters as it helps the fridge to be stable at all times. All these features are essential, but without energy efficiency, the fridge will not be the best option. If you want to spend minimal money on maintenance and running the refrigerator, get an energy compliant appliance. That said, all the best in this selection process.

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