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Refrigerators with bottom freezers have become somewhat of a new classic. While top freezer models have been the golden standard since the very infancy of refrigerating appliances, modern consumers tend to look for more space-efficient solutions. Given that refrigerators are the most important piece of tech in any kitchen, it is natural that people view the process of choosing the right appliance as an event of rather considerable importance.

Things to Consider

As a general rule, bottom freezer refrigerators have a few functional advantages over top freezer units, though within their own category they often share entire sets of key features.

To pinpoint what it is that you value most in a refrigerator, it might be wise to first figure out what exactly your kitchen needs, lacks, and would benefit from.

It is generally good to start with outlining your budget and slowly progress through the functional aspects such as capacity, freezer type, cooling systems, performance features, and energy efficiency as certified by ENERGY STAR®.


Most bottom freezer units have cabinets with single swing doors or double French doors, while the freezer compartment can be of either drawer or swing door variety. Some high end models add exterior freezer drawers for better organization, while single door freezer compartments have either 3-tier drawer systems or a wire combination which usually consists of a basket and a shelf.


Depending on the installation design and some storage features, bottom freezer refrigerators range from 8 cubic feet to 28 cubic feet of total capacity. Freezer capacity also varies from a little over 2 cubic feet to 9 cubic feet of storage.


This includes additional parts such as factory-installed ice makers, exterior dispensers, air filtration systems with replaceable filters, and even storage sections with dedicated humidity or temperature controls. Other functions include improved cooling systems, twin evaporators, and upgraded compressors.

Review of the Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Whirlpool WRB322DMBM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Whirlpool WRB322DMBM is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 22.7 cubic feet of total capacity.

Featuring the Accu-Chill™ temperature management system, the fresh food cabinet offers 5 SpillGuard™ glass shelves, 2 FreshFlow™ humidity-controlled crispers, and 6 door bins with gallin storage.

The bottom freezer drawer is fully extendable and comes with 2 wire baskets for storing frozen foods of various types and sizes, including bulk meats, frozen vegetables, microwave-ready meals, frozen fruits and desserts.

With the added Max Ice function, the freezer is able to produce larger amounts of ice in shorter periods of time, while the Max Cool function cranks up the cooling intensity to accommodate large amounts of newly added products.

Located at the top of the refrigerator compartment, the control panel allows you to adjust temperature and humidity levels as well as monitor all stats via the LED display.

Both compartments are able to defrost automatically, and the advanced foam insulation reduces carbon imprint and optimizes energy consumption as certified by ENERGY STAR®.

This is a single swing door refrigerator with fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, smooth casing and reach-through metal handles. In addition, all interior is clearly visible thanks to energy-saving LED lights that turn on automatically whenever the doors are opened.

LG Electronics LDCS24223S Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The LG LDCS24223S is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 24.1 cubic feet of total capacity.

Featuring 16.40 cubic feet of storage, the fresh food cabinet offers plenty of space on its SpillProtector™ tempered glass shelves as well as inside 2 humidity-controlled crispers and the Glide N’ Serve™ pantry drawer. The door storage comes with 5 clear bins, including one flip-up section and a dairy corner suitable for items like butter, cream, dairy-based desserts, and cheeses.

Located under the main cabinet, the pull-out freezer drawer contains 7.70 cubic feet of storage that includes 2 extendable baskets and a-12lbs compartment for ice. Factory-installed ice maker provides consistent amounts of ice that is easily accessible and in constant supply.

When it comes to the performance features of this LG refrigerator, the most notable technology would be the Multi-Air Flow smart cooling system with 6 digital temperature sensors supported by the efficient inverter linear compressor.

By evenly distributing fresh air as well as balancing humidity and temperature levels, this refrigerator is able to further extend the freshness of all your products while keeping the frozen goods safely preserved.

Equipped with the LoDecibel™ package, this appliance ensures a quieter run that keeps your kitchen space as undisturbed as possible. In addition, the Smart Diagnosis™ feature detects any possible maintenance problems and lets you contact certified service professionals via direct line to LG support.

Coated with durable stainless steel, this ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator intelligently matches its designer handles with smooth contoured doors and hidden mechanical parts to create a smoother final look.

Maytag MBF2258FEZ Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Maytag MBF2258FEZ is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 22 cubic feet of total capacity.

The fresh food cabinet amounts to 15.62 cubic feet of storage, providing enough space for a great variety of products along its 5 frameless glass shelves and inside 6 flexible door bins.

The door storage adds gallon and dairy compartments, while the cabinet features 2 humidity-controlled FreshLock™ crispers and a full-width pantry on the lower level, all supported by the produce preserver technology to extend the freshness of all fruits, vegetables, greens, and deli products.

Located in the bottom pull-out drawer, the freezer comes with 2 storage baskets and a factory-installed ice maker that produces cubed ice for added convenience. The drawer features the automatic defrost function that initiates only when required.

Equipped with BrightSeries™ LED lighting, the entire appliance is automatically illuminated whenever the doors are opened to ensure clear interior visibility. All temperature and function controls are located on the interior upfront panel inside the main cabinet for easier operation.

As an ENERGY STAR® appliance, this Maytag refrigerator significantly reduces power consumption as well as lowers carbon footprint thanks to its advanced foam insulation.

The stainless steel coating is well-matched with reach-through handles, smooth glide freezer drawer, and textured cabinet finish, achieving a sleek look that suits all kitchen designs.

Magic Chef MCBM920S1 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Magic Chef MCBM920S1 is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and compact design.

With its 6.4 cubic feet of interior capacity and flexible storage, the fresh food cabinet offers 3 adjustable glass shelves, a full-width crisper drawer with transparent design, a wire can dispenser located on the inside door panel as well as 3 door bins with gallon and bottle storage.

The bottom freezer compartment consists of a spacious wire basket designed for large frozen goods and a top wire shelf that can hold anything from frozen vegetables to pre-prepared meals and desserts. In addition, the single swing freezer door is equipped with an extra antifreeze surface layer reducing the accumulation of frost.

Both compartments are temperature-adjustable: the freezer controls located on the rear wall just above the crisper, and the refrigerator controls are easily accessed from their place under the top shelf.

Moreover, this appliance is ENERGY STAR® certified and consumes only 374 kilowatt hours per year. 

Both single swing doors come with reversible hinges able to accommodate your kitchen layout when required. The exterior combines its smooth stainless steel finish with contrasting pocket handles, while the interior space is outfitted with clean white design and transparent elements of storage.

KitchenAid KRBL109ESS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The KitchenAid KRBL109ESS is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 18.7 cubic feet of total capacity.

Featuring 12.94 cubic feet worth of storage, the fresh food cabinet offers 5 durable glass shelves, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, a neat metal bottle rack located on the left interior wall, and a full-width pantry.

The door storage features 5 clear adjustable bins and one fixed gallon compartment for large beverage containers. 

To improve the overall cooling performance, this KitchenAid refrigerator adds the ExtendFresh™ temperature management system and the produce preserver to optimize climate parameters inside the main cabinet and extend the freshness of all products. 

The 2-tier freezer drawer is fully extendable and features an automatic defrost function to ensure timely defrosting procedures whenever the compartment may require it. The drawer can also be equipped with the optional ice maker provided you purchase the Ice Maker Kit IC13B.

Made with professionally-inspired design, this KitchenAid combines smooth stainless steel coating with matching decorative parts and satin textured handles to deliver a sleek upscale look. This is an ENERGY STAR® certified appliance capable of reducing your energy consumption rates.

GE GDE21ESKSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The GE GDE21ESKSS is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 21 cubic feet of total capacity.

The 14.93-cubic-foot fresh food cabinet features 3 full-width glass shelves, 2 of which are adjustable, 4 clear door bins with gallon storage and dairy corner, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, and a sliding snack drawer fixed under the middle shelf for easier access.

Located in the pull-out bottom drawer, the Frost Guard freezer compartment comes with 6.04 cubic feet of space, 2 stack-on storage baskets and a factory-installed ice maker with a spacious ice bin for holding all produced ice.

The overall performance is enhanced by the advanced water filtration system that uses XWF replacement filters located in the upper right corner. The filters are able to reduce pharmaceutical particles from the water used for ice production, removing 98% of ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim.

Additionally, the Multi Flow Air system applies electronic sensors to optimize all temperature and humidity levels in the main cabinet, extending the shelf life of all products. The Turbo Cool setting is also available to make sure the interior climate is not affected by outside temperatures.

Featuring upfront electronic temperature controls with digital temperature display and extra functions such as door alarm and filter indicators, this ENERGY STAR® certified appliance allows you to easily monitor and adjust climate settings as well as ensure timely preservation of interior temperatures.

Equipped with high impact polystyrene sheet liner, reversible hinges, and contoured high-gloss doors, this stainless steel GE refrigerator combines smooth exterior with highly efficient hardware reinforcement to deliver stylish yet powerful design.

Haier HRB15N3BGS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Haier HRB15N3BGS is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 15 cubic feet of total capacity.

The fresh food cabinet amounts to 11.1 cubic feet of available space and features 2 tempered glass shelves, 3 full-width door bins, a full-width crisper, and a large pantry drawer.

With the help of the Quick Cool function, the refrigerator is able to preserve all newly added items as well as protect the cabinet from outside temperatures.

Located under the main cabinet, the swing door freezer compartment is equipped with 3 clear sliding baskets, Quick Freeze function, and automatic defrost feature.

All 3 drawers are fully extendable and provide 3.9 cubic feet of more organized storage for a wide range of frozen goods, from meats to pre-prepared meals and desserts.

With its efficient LED bars and capacitive touch display located on the exterior front panel, this Haier refrigerator provides both better storing efficiency and easier control of the appliance.

Aside from Quick Cool and Quick Freeze touchpads, the console also features temperature indicators, control lock, and the Sabbath mode.

The stylish curved door design and side pocket handles create a more seamless final look, while the reversible door hinges allow for individual re-configuration whenever the kitchen layout requires it.

By matching its smooth stainless steel finish with anti-frost interior surfaces, this ENERGY STAR® certified model is able to reach an agreeable balance of style and functionality.

Summit Appliance FFBF181ES Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Summit Appliance FFBF181ES is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 12.8 cubic feet of total capacity.

Fitted with platinum interior, the fresh food cabinet features 4 adjustable shelves of glass and scalloped design, 4 clear door bins, a full-width humidity controlled crisper, a ZeroZone deli drawer, and a wine bottle shelf located above the top level. 

The bottom freezer compartment comes with a single swing door, automatic defrost, and 3 clear drawers for storing a wide range of frozen goods. The freezer drawers are removable, and the interior temperatures can be manually adjusted to suit the needs of different goods.

All compartments are decorated with contrasting silicone trimming, providing a firmer no-slip grip on each section.

In addition to fast cooling and fast freezing features, this ENERGY STAR® certified Summit refrigerator is equipped with adaptive intelligent technology that uses integrated sensors to establish your habits and adjusts the cooling environments in both compartments based on your regular routine.

While the interior features digital thermostat and fresh air fans, the exterior is fitted with stainless steel finish, reversible doors with designer handles, and easy-to-read digital temperature display.

Bosch B11CB50SSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Bosch B11CB50SSS is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and counter depth design.

Despite its compact design, the fresh food cabinet of this Bosch refrigerator is able to fit up to 7.7 cubic feet worth of products in various packaging, from wine bottles to berries and eggs.

The cabinet features 3 glass shelves, a full-width HydroFresh crisper at the bottom of the compartment, the VitaFresh Plus drawer designed for produce and deli goods, and a full-width wine rack located above the drawer.

The door storage holds 3 bins with enough space for egg trays, condiment bottles, and dairy products. In addition, the main cabinet is equipped with flush LED lights installed along the length of the compartment walls, making sure all products are clearly visible.

On a more functional side, the main cabinet is able to increase the cooling performance with its MultiAirFlow™ system, antibacterial Air Fresh filtration, and SuperCooling function that keeps all items finely preserved and protected from outside temperatures.

The bottom-mount freezer compartment is accessed through the single swing door and offers 3 stack-on drawers with transparent design and greater organization potential.

Each drawer is designed to hold a variety of frozen products, from oven-ready pizza to desserts and bulk meats, while efficiently located LED lighting displays all items clearly whenever the freezer door is opened.

The Quick Freeze and NoFrost functions ensure the freezer compartment provides perfect climate balance to compensate for temperature differences and, on top of it all, remains free of frost regardless of freezing intensity.

Equipped with intelligent inverter technology and dual evaporator, this ENERGY STAR® certified model uses temperature sensors to monitor temperature fluctuations, both inside and outside of the two compartments, which it then feeds into the digital control system. Based on sensor readings, the compressor parameters are adjusted to support a new climate setting.

This counter depth refrigerator comes with easy-to-clean stainless steel finish, hidden hinges, and precise electronic controls, perfectly combining all exterior elements with integrated design and top-end performance.

Danby DFF092C1WDB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Danby DFF092C1WDB is a freestanding refrigerator with a bottom freezer configuration and counter depth design.

For its apartment-friendly compact design, this Danby model also provides quite flexible interior storage amounting to 9.2 cubic feet in total.

The fresh food cabinet features 2 adjustable glass shelves, 3 door bins with a dairy corner and large item storage, 2 crispers with a glass cover doubling as an extra shelf, and the CanStor® beverage dispensing system located on the left side of the door.

The bottom freezer compartment comes with a large wire basket and a full-width wire shelf, able to hold and preserve all types of frozen goods, from oven-ready meals to tubs of ice cream and frozen vegetables.

By adding the automatic defrost function, the freezer makes sure all surfaces remain frost free as they are consistently defrosted whenever the need arises.

Outfitted with clean white exterior and matching interior finish, this ENERGY STAR® certified Danby refrigerator matches all kitchen layouts thanks to its reversible hinges, flush installation, and universal design.

Unique UGP-275L W AC Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Unique Retro UGP-275L W AC is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and attractive retro-inspired design.

The fresh food cabinet features 4 adjustable glass shelves, a spacious deep-tiered crisper, 4 full-width adjustable door bins with gallon storage, and a neat 4-unit wine rack that can be adjusted by height to accommodate bottles of different sizes.

Installed on the top panel, the efficient interior lights illuminate all contents of the fresh food cabinet for a much easier organization and restocking process of all your products.

The bottom mount freezer compartment offers 3 fully extendable drawers able to preserve large amounts of frozen goods and ice. Moreover, the freezer adds the automatic defrost function for better efficiency of operation.

All storage compartments come in transparent design with stylish trimming to ensure all of your items are always clearly visible. As an ENERGY STAR® certified appliance, this model consumes only 277 kilowatt hours annually, meaning it could do wonders to your utility bill totals.

To match the rounded retro design of its doors and cabinets, this Unique Retro refrigerator adds era-appropriate zinc cast handles and stylized brand badge to deliver a more authentic and charming look.

Conserv MDRF375WE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Conserv MDRF375WE is a freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer configuration and 10.8 cubic feet of total capacity.

The fresh food cabinet amounts to 7.6 cubic feet of storage and offers 3 adjustable glass shelves, a full-width crisper, and 2 fixed door bins. All compartments have transparent design with contrasting trimming, delivering both functional visibility and stylish appearance.

By implementing the Multi-Flow cooling system, this refrigerator is able to maintain optimal temperature balance inside the cabinet, thus extending the freshness of all your products.

Located on the top interior panel, the LED cool light lamp ensures energy-saving yet rich illumination of the entire compartment.

Featuring the efficient frost free technology, the bottom mount freezer is equipped with 3 clear drawers that can be fully extended and loaded with a wide range of frozen goods of all types and sizes.

The single swing door is lined with ant-frost surface on its interior side, while the compartment itself boosts its freezing performance with the Fast Freeze function that preserves all items safely and consistently.

As an ENERGY STAR® certified and environmentally-friendly model, this Conserv refrigerator uses the R600a refrigerant and consumes only 350 kilowatt hours per year.

Equipped with the exterior LED touch console, sleek stainless steel finish, and matching reach-through handles, this stylish refrigerator provides not only smooth and responsive controls for easy operation, but also makes for a compact and functional addition to any modern kitchen.

Chambers CRBR2412-RR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Chambers Retro CRBR2412-RR is a freestanding refrigerator with a bottom freezer configuration and retro-inspired design.

Offering up to 12 cubic feet of total capacity, with 8.16 cubic feet dedicated to the main cabinet and 3.84 cubic feet going for the freezer section, this Chambers Retro refrigerator provides more than enough storage while retaining its compact design suitable for smaller kitchen spaces.

The fresh food cabinet offers 3 adjustable glass shelves, 3 clear door bins, a full-width crisper with humidity controls, a ZeroZone drawer, and a metal bottle rack located under the top shelf.

Featuring the IonAir with MultiFlow 360 degrees ventilation system, this model provides climate control for every section through efficient process of ionization, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity balance for the entire cabinet.

Moreover, the SuperCool feature drops the interior temperature to the lowest settings in order to accommodate various items as well as compensate for any temperature loss. The AdaptTech feature adjusts the cooling settings based on your habits by monitoring how you use the refrigerator. 

The bottom mount freezer comes with 3 clear drawers that include the XtremeFreeze section and the XXL SpaceBox section.

While the XtremeFreeze is designed to preserve fresh products such as meats and seafood through rapid shock-freezing, the SpaceBox compartment is a perfect place to store large items meant for parties, celebrations, and other social gatherings.

In addition, the freezer adds NoFrost Plus and Fast Freeze functions to ensure that the compartment remains clean and frost free while also providing a secure environment for long-term preservation.

As a part of the Chambers Retro series, this refrigerator showcases a smooth retro-inspired design with classy Bordeaux red finish, fitting chrome handles, and stylish brand logo evocative of the familiar charm typical in ‘50s designs.

Cafe CVE28DP3ND1 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Cafe CVE28DP3ND1 is a freestanding refrigerator with French door configuration and double-drawer bottom freezer.

Offering up to 27.8 cubic feet of total capacity, this spacious Cafe refrigerator is not only packed with the latest tech, but also brings a fresh upscale feeling to any kitchen with its premium professionally-inspired design.

The fresh food cabinet comes with 5 glass shelves, 6 clear door bins with gallon storage and covered dairy section, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, and a beautiful LED light wall installed along the length of the rear panel to display all items in a stylized yet efficient fashion.

Safeguarded by the automatic defrost function, the freezer section consists of 2 exterior smooth glide drawers, with the bottom one designed for storing frozen goods in bulk, and the slimmer upper drawer with Soft Freeze climate providing perfect space for pre-prepared meals, pizza, flatbread, and other items of non-standard shapes.

Equipped with a factory-installed ice maker and external water dispenser, this model is able to generate sufficient amounts of ice as well as deliver filtered water on demand whenever you need it.

In addition to the neat hands free AutoFill function, the Next Gen dispenser is able to sense your proximity and automatically illuminate the outer panel. The controls feature a color-matched display that offers other options such as the Sabbath mode, door alarm, control lock, and more.

By using TwinChill™ evaporators, this refrigerator controls both compartments separately, applying individual cooling systems to ensure an odorless environment as well as extend the freshness of all stored goods.

All storage compartments are done in transparent design with copper-tinged decorative trimming, providing clear visibility and creating a chic high-end appearance to match the smooth matte black stainless steel finish.

Premium bar handles with brushed stainless steel finish contrast with the smooth dark exterior, while concealed mechanical parts and hidden hinges only add to the intelligent appliance design.

This ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator is WiFi capable, allowing you to connect to the appliance via the device of our choosing to monitor and control all operational functions. The refrigerator is voice-activated and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Best Overall

Whirlpool WRB322DMBM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

In Conclusion

What is a bottom freezer refrigerator?

Any refrigerator whose freezer compartment is installed on the bottom level could be considered a bottom-mount refrigerator. Most French door refrigerators come with bottom freezer drawers, sometimes even doubled, making them one of the most stylish and sought-after bottom freezer models. Even though single-door models with top freezers are perhaps the best-known refrigerator configuration, current customer demand concerns bottom-mount units, specifically more affordable single-door models, as they prove to be more space efficient and easier to utilize.

What is the best refrigerator with freezer on the bottom?

Depending on a kitchen layout and specific household demands, different refrigerators might constitute as the best choice for a particular setting. However, the overall best refrigerator with bottom freezer would be GE GDE21ESKSS. A close second is LG LDCS24223S, followed by KitchenAid KRBL109ESS.

Are bottom freezer refrigerators better?

Refrigerators with bottom freezers hold many advantages over their counterparts, namely providing easier access to the freezer itself as well as being more space-efficient as a whole. Drawer freezers give you even more convenience of both space and storage accessibility as they are fully extendable and feature two or more inner compartments, sometimes mounted on gliders.

How does a bottom freezer refrigerator work?

Unlike top freezer models that apply the natural cooling process based on coolant density, refrigerators with bottom freezers need to circulate the coolant artificially. In top freezer units, the coolant travels from top to bottom naturally, whereas the bottom freezer models use motor assistance to push the coolant from bottom to top. Even though the operation slightly differs, the principle of cooling remains the same and sometimes proves to be even more efficient.

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