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Have you visitors trooping in for your party? Do you have friends coming over when it’s game time? Maybe you need a vault you can check in whenever you need a cold drink. All of these don’t look easy, especially if you don’t have a suitable beer fridge.

If you love beer, you’ll be able to relate with the stress accompanied by digging up almost all the food items in your large home refrigerator before coming across a single can of beer. Most beer lovers don’t fancy keeping beers and wine in the home refrigerator. Inappropriate temperature, wrong positioning of things and the heavy mix up of frozen foods and other perishable items add to the stress of looking for beers in the refrigerator. At times, you may not feel good with the taste, and this doesn’t sound right if you truly want to enjoy your beer. The more reason why you need a beer or wine fridge to store all your favorite drinks.

Getting the right kind of beer fridge that is compatible for all your beers could be stressing as you need to consider storage space, ventilation, temperature changes and at times the price. It is highly preferable to stick with the stress of scattering your home freezer to find a beer than purchasing the wrong choice of the beer fridge. Most online customers are leaving bad reviews when they end up buying what is not. Waste of money before coming across a good beer fridge is not the best.

This article is a detailed review for beer lovers. You don’t need to pass through any stress after seeing this, everything first-hand detail on the best beer fridges in town are included in this article. Having read a lot of reviews from various customers, there’s no reason why you have to solve puzzles before securing the best beer fridge for yourself.

Whether you’re throwing a party, indoor or outdoor, if you are on a road trip or whenever you see your favorite television programs the only stress you need to undergo is stretching your arms to pick a beer from your fridge. There are numerous brands of beer fridges out there, most of them look attractive with their glowing colors, and fancy designs, but have little usefulness and lesser qualities compared to top brands. Some of them even lack a user-friendly feel.

Thirsting for a beer is different from wanting a cold and desirable beer to quench your thirst. You don’t have to always dream about cold beers when you can get a cooling device to create your dream too. I have taken much time to help you save stress by compiling a significant number of trusted brands of notable beer fridges that fits you.

Choosing a reliable beer fridge

Practically, a beer fridge shouldn’t be likened to the home refrigerator that you have to compete using with your partner or siblings it has been efficiently designed to keep your beers safe and cold, regardless of any ambient temperature. Just like your home refrigerator at home works, you can set your preferred temperature for your wine and beers. A beer fridge is a missing piece in your man cave and college dorm if you don’t enjoy your beers cold or chilled in there. Without a beer fridge, your man cave is not complete. You can ask around from friends. You must also take note that the beer fridge is not your usual refrigerator or a small thermoelectric device. Selecting a good beer fridge has to include all the necessary features and special duties you want it to perform. If you are a new or existing user of a beer fridge, below are some of the critical factors to take note when selecting a suitable beer fridge that can serve you to any length.

Storage space/size

One of the major factors many consider is the size of the beer fridge, depending on how much beers you have to store or how you are using it, you should always consider size as the number one factor. If you need a beer fridge for your man cave, it should be portable enough to fit in the cave without struggling for space, every beer fridge you’ll come across can hold at least up to about 20 or 30 cans of beer regardless of how small they are. If you need a big sized beer fridge that can contain about 150 to 200 cans and wine, you’ll get that too. Most of the time, the size could be a determinant of how much cash you’re spending. If you don’t want always to fill the fridge with beers all the time, then you should be getting something a little bit bigger than the least size. However, the large-sized beer fridge can maintain temperature better and is efficient in terms of energy consumption, when compared to a small beer fridge. Most online customers make mistakes getting a bigger sized fridge instead of the under counter fridge they want because they failed to consider what kind of fridge can fit under the counter. There are lots of under counter fridge that can hold many beers too. Take note.

Type of cooling system

Many of the top brands of beer fridge know what it takes to enjoy a cold drink, that is why most of their beer fridges come in a compressor unit form. A compressor unit type of beer fridge works fine like your home refrigerator. Substandard freezers mostly come in thermoelectric units, and as a beer fridge owner, if you have one of these; you may not get the best out of them as their cooking capacity can be limited in certain conditions. Thermoelectric fridges are not bad, and they can’t keep the beers for a long time and maintain the same temperature. At a temperature fewer than 40 degrees F, you may not enjoy your beer. Icy beers are best kept in a compressor unit beer fridge.


This is the most critical factor to consider when making a good choice of the beer fridge. A fridge that can’t hold beers at specific temperatures is not useful to be called a refrigerator. Nobody loves a hot brew; I don’t find it good at all taking a hot beer. A standard beer fridge should be able to keep beers cold at your desired preset temperature range. Not all kind of alcoholic drinks are maintained at the same temperature, so if you drink stouts and lagers too, you should satisfy your thirst with a standard beer fridge that makes your drink and wine ever cold. With a standard beer fridge, you are the life of the party, and the fun never ends.


All beers don’t come in the same size, and most preferably, beers are not adequately kept when positioned on its side. That’s why the interior shelves of your beer fridge choice have to be adjustable so that you can easily replace them when you are keeping different sizes of cans. These adjustable shelves are useful when you need to keep other kinds of wine. They are very common amongst notable brands.

Mobility and ventilation

Most users like the color and appearance of their beer fridge blending with the room or man cave, they believe it adds beauty and boldness to the room. Some others love to see the glowing sight of their beers while it gets cold, beer fridges also come in transparent glass doors so that you can see how severe your drinks look and enjoy the glow of its interior lighting. Without a glass door, you’ll have to open the fridge before you know what amount of beers is left.


Major top brands of beer fridge are easily moveable if you are throwing a party whether outdoor or indoor, regardless of its size, a common feature of beer fridges is portability, that’s why these fridges are easily accessible and can be cleaned. Dissipation of heat is also essential; that’s why ventilation is a factor here. You don’t want to enjoy a cold beer in a boiling condition while you’re in the room. Back ventilation is common amongst freestanding beer fridges. You will need some space at the back of the fridge to release excess heat. Front ventilation also exists in counter fridges. This means that you need little or no space as there would be spacing where you place the fridge.

A standard beer fridge does not come too cheap, buying a beer fridge should not make spend your last penny as most beer fridges are cost friendly. Regardless of the designs and functions, a beer fridge should be able to keep beers and wine cold to your desired taste. This should always ring at the back of your mind. Different brand with different price and size of beer fridge exist. You shouldn’t find it hard getting a standard beer fridge.

If you want a bigger sized fridge that can contain many beers and wine, you shouldn’t hold back your cash. Every brand has the type of beer freezer you want to buy. You have to be intelligent while spending, so that you won’t need to tell stories that touch.

Out of all the available options you have, your choice should come first. Be careful of getting carried away with some of the substandard, fashionable and cheap small beer fridge you come across.

Every time you check for the best beer fridge out there, a lot of brands entice you with one feature or the other. You may end up spending your money on the wrong choice. You don’t need much confusion since you know what you want. Here is a buying guide to some selected top brands that will fit your events, bedroom, and kitchen and man cave. Depending on where you want it positioned.

Review of the Top Beer Fridges

NewAir AB-1200 Beer Fridge

In recent times, this brand has gained huge praises from many customers, and the reason isn’t farfetched as you can’t take away the quality it gives to your cold beer. It is a powerful and energy efficient beer fridge with a rare compressor unit, durable enough, getting the job done in quick timing. Trust NewAir beverage cooler if you desire your beer in a frosty state.

One of the best brands of beer fridge that can hold up to 126 cans at a time. Although a typical mini fridge filled with cans of beer can be affected by the ability to hold a certain temperature, you can as well keep your beers at 34 degrees F. It is considered one of the large-sized beer fridge that is top notch.

Another excellent feature is that the NewAir beverage cooler shelves are easily adjustable, this feature held to prevent your beer fridge from being congested and can as well expand the storage space a bit. It is suitable for wine and soda too if you’re a wine aficionado. The adjustable shelves make it easier to rearrange your beers anytime and make your beer fridge convenient to clean.

NewAir beverage cooler is one of the quietest beer fridges you’ll ever get out there. From my personal experience, at times I doubt if it was working. You shouldn’t get a plant instead of a beer fridge. Additionally, it is portable and compact to fit in your room or office space.

It is not hard to handle, but you should be extremely careful of the positioning to avoid excess heat from the compressor unit. Hence, you should create space at the rear because it is a freestanding beer fridge.

Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beer Fridge

Known for its fashionable design, you also get more than quality when it adds beauty to your apartment. It is one of the best beer fridges that keep your party alive if you have plans to host one. The fun never ends when Danby 2.6 ft cu beverage center. It comes out other three adjustable shelves, capable of holding about 96 cans of beer. It is also known for its average size, not too big and not too small to use. You can also see through the interior clearly with its inbuilt LED lightning that comes in blue. It would interest you to know that these lights don’t produce heat.

Danby 2.6 cu ft beverage center comes with a particular feature thermostat that enables to set your ambient temperature between the range of about 43 degrees F to 57 degrees F. It also has a one year warranty that covers parts and labor. It is designed with a reversible swing door so that you can shift the door swing either way.

It is effortless to operate, and its small size does not affect its quality service; it gives neither does it changes the temperature control. It is price friendly and can serve you anywhere you need it. One of the notable features you can’t resist is its compactness. There are only a few beer fridges that can practically allow you to set your preferred temperature range. It is going to fit perfectly in your man cave coupled with its beauty.

Avallon ABR241SGRH Beer Fridge

Over the years, Avallon brand has excelled in producing stand out fridges. No doubt it is on this list because it brings a large storage capacity of about 152 cans on average. Your party never runs dry of cold beer and wine. It is specially built to beer chilled and frost, whichever way you want it. It is suitable for use in every outdoor occasion; it works well just like the large home refrigerator, you can easily get addicted to Avallon beverage cooler in quick time.

Avallon beer fridge can work within the temperature range of 34-52 degrees F. That’s an excellent feature for a large sized beer fridge. The built-in LED lights can be switched from either blue or white. If I have an Avallon beverage cooler, I’ll switch on the lights to oppress my friends whenever they come visiting. These lightings can be switched off to save energy. The shelves are adjustable for wines and other can sizes.

You can as well keep the beer fridge door locked for safety reasons and kids playing around. You only need some space to enjoy the many benefits of Avallon beverage cooler.

hOmeLabs HME030065N Beer Fridge

One of the primary reasons why hOmeLabs beverage refrigerator cooler is on this list is because of its reliability and versatility. Most beer fridges are only suitable for beer cans, but hOmeLabs has been built to find a lasting solution for your wines that goes sour. Many other beer fridges do not have the appropriate humidity level to keep the original wine taste. HOmeLabs ensures that your wine never tastes sour whenever you need it.

Just like some top brands of beer fridges too, hOmeLabs beer fridge has a defrost function. This means that your drinks don’t ice all the time you fancy stocking beers for long but can still be kept cold. The hOmeLabs beverage refrigerator cooler is also fashionable for your man cave with a see through the glass door and the frame made of Stainless Steel for firm support. From. The interior, you’ll love the sight of your beers with the attractive blue LED interior bulb.

A more reason why you should put your money this hOmeLabs beer fridge is the number of beer cans and wine bottles it can contain at a time, your stock never runs dry with a hOmeLabs beer fridge. Holding about 100 beer cans is eligible. If you’re having a party with hOmeLabs beer fridge, your guests can never be disappointed. Its shelves are adjustable also.

HOmeLabs beverage refrigerator cooler has an advanced temperature feature. It comes with a digital screen located on the interior of the fridge and helps you monitor all the temperature changes even down to 36 degrees F. HOmeLabs beer fridge is free standing and need extra space for ventilation and proper dissipation of heat.

Wine Enthusiast 268 68 40 01 Beer Fridge

If you’re looking out for one of the best portable beer fridges that can accommodate your beers and wine easily without consuming much space and energy, Wine Enthusiast cooler is best for you. As compact as it looks, you can set your preferred temperature range and as well monitor it with the digital screen. It is fantastic to know this fridge has one of the best compressor units, as portable as it is, it can contain about 90 cans of beer.

Aside from its adjustable shelves, it can hold about six bottles of wine in its added basket. It is less audible and can cool your drinks down to a temperature of about 34 degrees F without freezing. You can also choose to increase its temperature to about 49 degrees F.

Wine Enthusiast cooler is a freestanding beer fridge that can also be placed under the counter provided there’s little space for ventilation. Another notable thing is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Some beer fridges are efficient and large but too hard to maintain. This cannot be said of Wine Enthusiast beverage cooler. It is fashionable and price friendly and capable of helping you host a few friends. If you want to stay indoors through the week or you need a company for your man cave, Wine Enthusiast is the beer fridge to call upon. It is ever reliable and durable.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Beer Fridge

Igloo brand is one of the most consistent producers of quality and big beer fridge. It never disappoints. This beer fridge is compact and portable to serve you cold and chilled drinks. When buying an Igloo product, you shouldn’t be expecting less than quality. A lot of beer fridge and refrigerators coming from their stable offer peace and ease with certified warranty covers.

One of the few beer fridges that can hold your beer cans and wine bottles alongside other consumables without stressing you. Its compressor unit technology is next to none. Attractive and fashionable to make your guests jealous, coupled with the quality services it offers.

Your man cave is never complete without an igloo beer fridge. It comes with two adjustable shelves and provides extra space for soda and wine bottles. If you want a reversible door beer fridge that you can turn from left to right and vice versa, Igloo is the product to run to. The fun never stops as you can get your drinks cold to a temperature of about 36 degrees F. Most beer consumers love their beers at this temperature. Even in hot weather, the compressor unit still works efficiently and saves energy.

Igloo beer fridge is not expensive to acquire and maintain. A rare freestanding beer fridge that calls for more fun with every inch of its 3.2 ft cu available to serve your best beer without freezing. It can be used In your small office space, college dorms and the bedroom so that you don’t have to stress yourself walking to the large refrigerator for drinks on a movie night.

Danby DBC120BLS Beer Fridge

Many beer fridge lovers prefer the transparent glass door options over others. That care less whether it affects the beer fridge humidity and cooling capacity in between power supply. Some beer consumers love the sight of the colorful cans that glow under the LED lights. This is one of the reasons why Danby beverage center comes up on the list.

Glass door beer fridges like Danby are useful for outdoor events. You may not know how important it is to have a glass door model until your guest begins to envy the beautiful view of the compressor unit refrigerator. This has been one of the primary selling points of many Danby beer fridges. If you want it for commercial use t is an added advantage as your customers can see the view of what they want.

It is portable enough to contain about 120 cans of beer and some wine bottles. With the three adjustable shelves, you can rearrange cans of different size correctly. Apart from its energy efficient and durable features, a beer fridge should add beauty to your room or bar. With Danby beer fridge, your beer never runs dry or gets served hot.

Danby beer fridge is lockable to prevent reach of children and accidents of any type. The more reason why you will fall in love with the Danby beverage center is the maximum warranty cover it comes with.

EdgeStar BWC120SSLT Beer Fridge

With an outstanding cooling temperature of 32 degrees F, your beers can never go hot in this super beer fridge. Another top brand that produces glass door models that add to the glow from the interior LED lighting. It is also fashionable and elegant, creating more fun when you drink from the excellent compressor unit fridge.

You are getting more you pay for if you make this beer fridge yours. Even in between power supplies, it maintains a temperature range of 32 – 56 degrees F. You can preset your preferred temperature range between those figures. It is as easy just like you’re getting served in a pub. Another fantastic thing is the space this portable beer fridge occupies. A substandard model would lack elegance and portability. It is indeed great to have an EdgeStar BWC120SSLT Bottle Freestanding Beverage Fridge. It is very suitable for your man cave or mini bar.

Everyone who comes across this EdgeStar beverage mini fridge would love it at first sight. It can comfortably contain 105 average sized cans and a few bottles of wine. It also has inbuilt adjustable shelves for easy arrangements. You’ll be carried away with the blue LED lightings reflecting a bit from the interior.

Avanti AR321BB Beer Fridge

Recently making wave among top brands or best beer fridges is this Avanti AR321BB beer fridge. It can adequately contain multiple beer cans and wine bottles at the same time with its 3.2 cu ft size. It is an opaque color fridge that has a reversible door and a freestanding, built exterior. You need anything extra space for ventilation at the compressor unit for proper dissipation of heat. It is not advisable to use under a closed counter.

This case applies to most freestanding fridges, only the compressor unit and it’s rigidity matters. It also has an automatic defrost features. You cans of beer would not develop abnormal shapes from icing. You can use this brand in your man cave and mini bar.

Whynter BR-130SB Beer Fridge

One of the best if not the best of the glass door fashioned model. This beer fridge has a superb capacity to hold 125 cans of beer comfortably. Your beers are in the right place and can’t get a chance to be dusty or smell. The Whynter beverage beer fridge has an interior air cooling system and led the lightning switch just on top of its interior.

Unlike other models, the lightning does not work with the door opening. This is an energy saving feature if you want to minimize your energy bills. The Whynter brand is well known amongst air conditioner and fan retailers. It is carving an excellent niche for itself in this beer fridge and refrigerator industry too. It’s quality, and the price is not a turn-off. Your beer is the right place — It fits right into the shape of your room or bar. Your man cave has got new definition now; you can also invite friends if there’s a game.

Editor's Choice

NewAir AB-1200 Beer Fridge
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In Conclusion

A good review as this should solve all the questions you have concerning the choices and types of best beer bridges. As you get familiar with some of these brands, you should pay attention to details properly. Most substandard and non trusted products might win your heart with sleek designs and less strong compressor unit system.

Majority of them do not have good warranty covers. Instead, they boast of colors alone. All of these features are added advantages to the primary functions of a beer fridge. This guide should ease your stress of purchasing the best beer fridge.

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