When I was a kid, I used to pick up various old appliances from scrap and hide in old fridges there. Then one day, I thought I want to know how they work. Boom! I started to try and take things apart, learn blueprints, try and craft stuff from scratch, fix units and make my own engineering discoveries. I even sold a few fixed devices to my neighbors! And now I’m a fixing addict – I break units and fix them. I’m like, “How much can you take, appliance?!”. No, seriously, you can safely let me in your home. I’ve got the knowledge, hands, and tools! I’m all into repairing fridges (my favorite thing), estimating, rewiring, replacing, curing dishwashers, freezers, ACs, washing machines, stoves, and other household appliances. Hiring me, you can count on responsibility, friendliness, skill, and humor!

RefrigeratorFAQ.com Before Reformation

We at RefrigeratorFAQ.com enjoy repairing things at an expert level. Our goal is to provide outstanding service while informing our customers about various methods, news, tips, reviews, comparisons, and ideas on various topics related to fridges and other household appliances. Our experienced technicians know that it’s not just about providing quality repairs. This job includes timeliness, courtesy, honesty, cleanliness, and cost-efficiency – we have it all, which is proved by the trust and respect of our loyal clients. RefrigeratorFAQ.com is recognized by getting the job done right. We are proud to bring a 200% satisfaction guarantee.

Our team uses only high-quality genuine factory parts and always stick to modern technologies when it comes to maintaining and tools to ensure that your home appliances perform efficiently for many years. You call us – next thing you know, we’re in your home fixing it or consulting you, no matter where you bought your appliance. With millions of fixed things behind, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Factory-trained and skillful technicians, with over 20 years of experience, have all gathered here at RefrigeratorFAQ.com developed by an expert in the field, Aaron Black. We provide upfront pricing and respond fast, so be our guests! Remember there’s no good time for your units to break or perform poorly!